Friday, 12 December 2014

Pakenham (Sunday)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

We seem to have a lot of catching up to do.  We're up early, have breakfast and a shower and talk till lunch time.  After lunch Dot wants to show us around in Pakenham.  As I generally have a cache or two on my mind I ask Dot if we can pick up a few while we are walking in the area.  She doesn't mind and after we have found our first one she is wildly enthusiast and converted!

I have introduced her to the activity and explained how it works, but this was quite funny as I was sitting on the bench and showed her unexpectedly the cache which I held in my hand without having noticeably searched for it...  The trick was that the little container was hidden under the seat at the side where I was sitting, and I'd noticed it when I walked up to the bench! ;-)

End of the line - Pakenham

Cache: End of the line - Pakenham

On our walk we pop into a shopping centre where Dot discovers a big pink flamingo which she arranges to be put aside for her as she hasn't got any money with her.  Patricia suggests we buy this together for Dot, so Dot walks home with a pink bird in her arms...

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As we walk past the RSL where there is another cache hidden we decide to grab that one as well. Dot, who of course doesn't have a GPS, gets instructions from me how to go about it and I hand her my tablet, as I am not working off my GPS either.  She goes in search and with a little bit of help from Patricia she finds her first ever geocache! She decides on a caching name there and then, signs the log and will register at home.  Hurray!

Remembering the fallen #7 - Pakenham

Cache: Remembering the fallen #7 - Pakenham

When we arrive back home it's about dinner time.  As Dot and John don't have a car anymore we walk to the restaurant.  After the drinks have been ordered we discover that they don't do seniors meals on Sunday, so we chat while having our drinks.  Later we walk to Subway where we enjoy a different, but very nice meal indeed.

Bedtime is 9.30 pm...

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