Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Nabiac to Grafton

Thursday December 4, 2014

I am awake at 6 am.  Too early, so I read till 7 am.  The usual happens after that: breakfast, dishes and packing up.  We leave a 9 am.

An hour later, still south of Taree, we stop for a cache, but this is a DNF.  We've looked long and hard, but it has eluded us, so we drive on.

Four Mile Fiend DNF

Four Mile Fiend
This is  picture of the place where we thought the cache would be hidden, but since others have found the cache after us I am not so sure now that we were looking in the correct place.

We move on and have to leave a few caches, because it's not always easy to stop in time, certainly not with a van that's a bit harder to handle than a sedan car.  The next one on the list is

The Donut

The Donut

This cache was a nice contraption, a piece of pipe worked into a block of concrete which looked like a rock.  It was an easy find though, so we were happy to be able to sign the log. 

On our way back from the cache it started to rain and... it wouldn't be dry again until we reached home.  Well, almost.

Since it was a rather cool and overcast day we went into MacDonald's nearby for chips and an apple pie.  We left at 11.15 am without a stop at Port Macquarie, since we wanted to try and outrun the rain. 

We stop at Kempsey for groceries and fuel for the van and keep moving again.  The rain gets heavier and by the time we reach Grafton it's coming down by the bucket loads, so we book into the first motel we come across, just before all hell breaks loose.  A huge thunderstorm!  

Espana Motel - Grafton

Since we cannot cook dinner or go out to get something we dine on bread and soup.  It fills us sufficiently and after that we sit down, relax and watch TV.

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