Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ballarat to Bendigo - visit to Sovereign Hill

Sunday, November 16, 2014

As it was again very cold after the rain of last night we had a nice hot breakfast of porridge in bed before getting ready to leave for Ballarat.  Our plan was to visit Sovereign Hill.  For those who don’t know, Sovereign Hill is a kind of open air museum with old buildings and the remnants of a gold mine and mining town, which consisted partly of tent-houses in the early days.  People walk around, dressed up in costumes of the Victorian era.

We arrived at 10 am and stayed till two.  In the meantime we walked in and out of the various shops and buildings, watched the making of boiled lollies and did an underground mine tour, where we not only went down a mine shaft, and walked through tunnels, but got to see a beautiful sound and light display: a story about two Chinese brothers who worked in the gold mine.  We watched the red coat soldiers and people panning for gold. We had a delicious pie for lunch and later coffee and sweets before we went ‘home’.

Underground mine tour

Cob & Co carriage

Walking through the streets

Love those beautiful horses

And a few pictures taken from within the van on the way to Bendigo:

We left early enough for the short drive to our next stop for the night, a few kilometres north of Bendigo. This stop (Huntly Lion’s Park, #480 - S 36 40 11, E 144 19 34) was on the roadside, but also had a gazebo, so we were ensured of a dry place for cooking.  However, after the initial rain and a very cold morning the afternoon ended with a splash of sunshine and I was able to stay outside and type up my blog posts till 7 pm.  How lucky can you get? Patricia was happy with TV reception and was watching the news in the meantime and other programs, which I don’t quite miss because I am not really big on watching TV other than the news.

#480 Huntly Lions Park

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