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Thursday, November 20, 2014

We've stayed the night with Nellie and I am up at 7 am.  After a refreshing shower we have coffee and breakfast out on the deck.

Somewhat later we go for a walk and take Mollie with us as well.  The idea is to grab some caches on the way.  It ended up a very long walk (3-4 hours) and it had quite warmed up too, so by the time we arrived back home we wore a bit weary...

But first the caches.  There was on on top of a hill, which I went in search for while Nellie and Patricia sat down on a bench en enjoyed the view.  It took a while to search for the container and after a while, when I look up I was suddenly surrounded by elderly people with walkers and their carers, who wanted to sit down and have a rest.  That, you guessed it, was the end of my search.

Watching Mollie...

...who goes for a swim

From the hill we walked to the toilets and from there to the next cache.  Had we be more sensible, and had I known the lay-out of the park a bit better, we could have walked a lot less, but as it was we took the long way around.  Finally got there via a great boardwalk across the water with bird hides on the various corners.

Boardwalk at Lilydale

Finally we made it to the rotunda, which must be fairly new as I could not find a sign of it on Google Earth.  Lucky I didn't forget to take pictures!  Nellie was again the one who found this tiny cache...

Under the Rotunda

Cache: Under the Rotunda

Yes, there it is, in the corner!

If we hadn't been so tired and the walk a bit shorter we would have gone for another cache, but as it was I was quite content to leave it with that.

On the way back we stopped off at an op-shop for Patricia to buy some glasses as she'd bought a Baileys Irish Cream and had nothing decent to drink from...  

We were home by 1 pm and happy to devour left-over pizza from the night before.  Which had made a great dinner, and an even great lunch since we were famished.  After lunch I had a snooze on the lounge after having experienced so many sleepless nights in the van and a long walk on top of it all.

The rest of the afternoon I spent talking and with my sudoku until Ad arrived and we had a lovely pasta dinner.  We watched TV for a while and I had an early night.

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