Monday, 30 December 2013

A few more smilies close to home

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today I had a funeral service to go to in the morning, but Kevin had stayed the night so we had a few spare hours.  After a quick breakfast we were on our way to Beachmere and to the cache furthest away.  We were hoping to find a few caches quickly, but that wasn't to be, although we didn't go home empty handed.

Among the Mangroves

The day was overcast, but still very muggy, so it was nice to go for a stroll close to the water.  Normally I don't read the logs, but today I did and one of them made quite clear what we had to do.  Kevin was a GZ and I had a good look and went straight for the cache!  Easy find.

Among the Mangroves

Walkway to the Beach

On the way back to the car we walked past GZ for this cache.  Kevin knew it was magnetic, I didn't but happened to walk to an area which looked suitable to me.  It could be in one of two places.  It not being at the first one, Kevin put his hand out and took hold of it in no time.  We signed the log and were on our merry way again to, hopefully, find a few more.

Walkway to the Beach

Unfortunately these were the only ones for the day.  The next two were DNFs and we also ran out of time.

A few caches close to home again

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kevin rang and was coming for a visit.  He looked for a few caches on his way, because he is working very hard to reach his milestone of 100 caches.  Since I tried to find a few in the area by myself a few weeks ago, and had not been successful, we used the remaining daylight to try a few close to home.

Muddy Tides

was one of the caches that we had been looking for with the BUGs and could not find.  I thought we had been looking at the wrong tree, and that was correct, but... the one that I had in mind wasn't correct either. So, Kevin was the one who had more luck and produced the cache.

Muddy Tides
The cache was in a built up area, but close to the water and we saw lots of kangaroos:

Abbey Museum

This cache I had been looking for on my own a while ago when the accuracy of my GPS was 1.83 km!  I didn't have coverage either to look up any information, so I had to let it go.  This time, with Kevin present, we had more luck.  I should however have taken my Christmas present, an extendable mirror with a LED light, but had left it very enthusiastically at home!  Kevin found the cache without too many problems, though, so we signed the log and had a look around the museum church with its beautiful lead lights from all over Europe.  We had a brief chat with the minister before he started the church service.  I think he was happy enough to be outside in the breeze which had come up because of the thunderstorm, because, although it was getting late in the afternoon, the air was stifling.

The hint: duck for cover...  Easy! :-)

Runway Three-Zero Caboolture

From the Abbey Museum to Caboolture airport was only a short drive, but it was getting dark quickly.  Kevin had been in the afternoon and also had a torch, so with a bit of guidance and extra light I had no difficulty finding this cache.  Unfortunately I discovered that another cacher had taken a TB without taking a diary that belonged to it as well.  I've taken the diary home and contacted both the cacher and the owner of the TB and will try if I can reunite both for further travels.

Caboolture airport and the runway in the dark

A little bit of light from the car's headlights went a long way...

Sandy Bridges revisited

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On my way to Albany Creek for the Christmas celebrations I had a few hours spare, so was going to try and find a few caches on my own.  However, my GPS was not working properly, so I had 4 dnf's out of 4! Guessing doesn't always work...

As we had a few hours spare after lunch as well Kevin and I took off to try and figure out where the Sandy Bridge - Finale could be located.  To do that, we had to revisit all five bridges, because somehow we had made a mistake with the colour clues and could not get our GZ coordinates approved.

So, we did the walk again.

Sandy Bridge #5
We could not find #3 this time (here one day, gone the next!), but it didn't interfere too much with our clues. The fact that I wrote a number down in the wrong place did however!  Eventually we had a fair idea where the final cache should be, so we drove to the cemetery and started looking for a brush-turkey mound.  These are huge, so cannot easily be overlooked:

This is not the mound that we were looking for,
but a picture of one to give you the general idea.

We did find it and with the hint we again had a fair idea of where GZ should be, but we still couldn't find the cache.  It didn't help that it was getting quite dark and I was being eaten alive by the mozzies, so we gave up for the day.  On the way back I received confirmation of the coordinates (after I had tried again with the new number in the correct place), so next time we're in the area we may have another look.  Unfortunately another DNF.  Not a very fruitful day. :-)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another Geocaching Event

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gold Coast Christmas Gathering 2013

As I knew this event was coming up while Madeleine and Mikayla would be staying with me I made the decision to go, even though it was a two hour drive.

Kevin was interested as well, so he, Adele and Angus came down to the Gold Coast as well and we all met up at Pacific Park where the event was being held.

We had a great afternoon meeting fellow cachers.  Some were becoming familiar faces after earlier events, some were new, but all were very friendly and chatty.  And guess what?  Even Santa arrived with a bag full of presents...

Santa paid us a visit
That's us: Kevin, Mady and me in the centre
Pacific Park
Happy Mikayla
Mady receiving her present from Santa
Since the kids received mostly geocaching presents we have them a bit more interested in the activity, which is great.  As for me, I did not receive a geocaching present, but a box of Turkish Delight.  However, I believe I have talked Mady into giving here handy retractable mirror to me as a Christmas present... (Is there an icon somewhere with crossed fingers? LOL)

Since we were close to a real cache, as Kevin had worked out beforehand, we went for a little walk and found

Pacific Specific

The cache was a small magnetic, and I mean small  :-)  However, we are used to it by now and Kevin found it in no time.  This time we remembered to take a picture, so here we go:

Displaying DSC_0106.jpg
Pacific Specific

.... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

We were in for a surprise too, because one of the presents was the coordinates for a soon to be published puzzle cache that we could search for and log during the event.

.... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree
It was an easy find again, although the tree didn't quite look like a pear tree, and luckily Angus was with us and agile enough to climb the tree to retrieve the 'partridge'.  In the meantime quite a crowd had gathered and everyone was happy to sign the log and have Angus replace the cache afterwards.  The cache was published last night and I am happy to say that I now have 109 caches to my name. :-)

The event itself was such a success that the organiser is thinking about making it an annual event.  Let's hope so.  We quite enjoyed ourselves, but in the meantime.... hoping to add a few more caches during the year.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sneaking in a few

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Eclipsed - Raptor Forks

On Sunday Kevin and I went to our monthly meeting of the Dollshouse and Miniatures Club in Brisbane.  It was our special Christmas do (bring a plate, etc.) and the club organised for ham and roast chicken.  We had a lovely lunch and the sweets in particular were to die for....  We were supposed to go home straight afterwards, but we left a bit early to 'walk off' the lunch while searching for a few geocaches... ;-)

We decided on a few around the Clayfield area and happened again on a few series.  This was the 'eclipsed' series which got its name because of the 'Eclipse' containers that were used for the caches.  They are metal and generally a magnetic cache.

The Raptor Forks was an easy find near (train station) Eagle Junction.  Think about it and you get the reason for the name of the cache...  It contained a question, which, after a little bit of research, is easy to answer.

Eclipsed - Raptor Forks
Another Google Earth picture

Melrose Meanderings 1 - The Culvert

As we didn't have a lot of time and had decided on a few caches near the club's HQ, we weren't going to follow the earlier series.  The series Melrose Meanderings also started close by and followed a tiny stream in the area which is often gazetted as Melrose Creek, but is more like a drain which empties in Kedron Brook.

The Culvert was at a bridge across the old culvert at Melrose Park.  The hint mentioned something like that it had nothing to do with a troll, so I knew where not to look... :-)  When I walked to the place where I thought the cache would be Kevin spotted it because he was directly in the line of view.  Great. Easy find.

*** I can't show the picture yet, because Kevin still is to send a few to me that we took that day.

Melrose Meanderings 2 - Dawsons's Creek?

The second one in this series.  Kevin discovered this one.  We were looking on the ground between two similar skinny trees in the hope that the scrub turkeys hadn't covered the cache.  We were lucky.  They hadn't been too busy.  

*** Waiting for this picture as well.

Melrose Meanderings 3 - Mmm Fishy...

Not too hard this one either.  It was close to an aquarium shop (!) and in a spot that we had come across the day before.  Kevin and I both had the right idea, but I let him get the cache in order to distract a muggle who walked past...

Melrose Meanderings 3 - Mmm Fishy...

One day, I promise, I will use my camera when I take it!!!  Lucky for me that Google Earth is very obliging most of the time. ;-)

Sandy Bridge #2

After the last of the Melrose caches we sent a text to Stephen to let him know we were on our way home. Stephen was to drop off Mady, who would, together with Mikayla, come with me to stay for a week during the school holidays.  As it was, we couldn't help ourselves and quickly made a little detour to Sandy Bridge #2, because we wanted to finish the series.

As it was, I discovered the cache even before we had established GZ and with all 5 clues now in our hands we thought we could do the Finale as well, but...  we seemed to have gone wrong somewhere, because none of the coordinates were accepted.  We will have to go back to check all 5 caches for their clues again. Bu....! Ah well, next time.  We'd better hurry now...

Sandy Bridge #2
Kevin signing the log

A milestone: #100 and I didn't even know we were going geocaching...

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Guns 'n' Roses

Saturday was a busy day, as we had a garage sale at Adele's place in the morning, packed up and stacked everything in Adele's car and transported the whole lot to the shipping container at Kevin's place, on the road to Toowoomba.

On the way in Kevin stopped all of a sudden alongside the road, got out, bent over and showed me...... a cache!  Well, that must have been the quickest find in history!  I didn't even know he was going to stop for a cache, let alone, do so on the roadside next to a lamp post.  However, I checked the cache location later and discovered this picture:

Guns 'n' Roses
A hint for Dummies one wonders???  Anyway, I didn't ask if Kevin had seen it before he stopped, although I know he hardly ever checks logs before he goes caching...

And guess what?  It was my 100th cache too!  I'm a happy chappy.

Cars park here too

As Kevin has been doing some caching on his own of late, on his way home after work, he knew of a few in the area close to the highway.  On the way home he knew of one at a truck stop, so we got out and quickly searched for it, as a storm was brewing and the sky looked ominous.  As Kevin didn't get GZ quickly on his GPS I started walking and was called back soon.  He'd discovered the (not so) micro one and was trying to get the log out of the micro part of the cache.  With a pin handy he succeeded and we were on our way again to try and beat the storm (which we did).

Another Google Earth picture for the usual reason.
Cars park here too

Monday, 16 December 2013

Another Event Cache and a special date.

Wednesday 11/12/13

Noticed the date?

City Cacher Catchup 10 - It's about the numbers

CCC Head Quarters (an Irish Pub, Gilhooleys, in the city of Brisbane)
This was event cache #10 for the CCC, but Kevin nor I had been before.  We thought this was as good a time as any, or even better, because of the date.  No consecutive numbers in our lifetime any more....

This surely is an event we are going to try and attend more often.  The meals are great and the company, well, just as great!  They're all cachers, so what else would you expect?  We met a few new people, of course, because we are newbies ourselves still, and met some people we'd seen at the Space Event a few weeks ago.

It's not only great to meet other cachers just for a chat, but you learn a few things, you can ask all you want and I even received an offer from two people to join me occasionally on the hunt when I told them I wasn't always able to go out with company.

We also learned about two facebook groups in our area, so we have joined them to be able to stay connected and in touch, and also hear the latest news.

City Cacher Flash Mob - 08:09:10 - 11/12/13

To be honest, the real event at 08:09:10am! we missed as the publication was confusing with times am and pm stated.  However, Kevin and I had our own flash mob event at 08:09:10pm, and since it was about the numbers we still could log it.  We took pictures, logged one for the event and went home after a very pleasant night indeed.

At Anzac Square 08:09:10 11/12/13 (We Will Remember Them)

At Anzac Square 08:09:10 11/12/13 (We Will Remember Them)

Ca(t)ching up

Oeps, I have some catching up to do, as my last posting was on the 18th November and we are quickly approaching the 18th of December now.  At the time my number of caches stood at 94.  I have now reached my milestone of 100 and even a few more, so.... here we go:

It wasn't until Sunday the 8th December though, that I did more.  Too busy in between with Christmas approaching fast.  After a garage sale on the Saturday I was staying at Kevin and Adele's, so on Sunday, after sleeping in and cleaning the house we needed some fresh air and a walk.  To Simpson Park it was, to collect a few more caches in the Sandy Bridge series. We started close to home, so the first one was

Sandy Bridge #5

Actually, the last one in the series, except for Sandy Bridge The Finale.  

Sandy Bridge #5
Most of the caches were on or under the bridges, except for nr. 2 which would have been too close to nr. 1 and was hidden in the bushes.  Just as well, but we will get to that later.

Sandy Bridge #4

Sandy Bridge #4

As we are still in the habit of forgetting to take pictures, these two were taken on the way back!  

I had attempted this one on my own before, but the cache was hidden under the bridge and as I cannot see well in the dark I had overlooked it.  Pays to get a better torch and take it with me on my travels...

Sandy Bridge #2

As we had already found and logged #3 we could skip it this time, although I didn't realise we hadn't taken a picture the first time, so none the second time either...

Bridge #2 was removed because due to erosion of the creek walls it was in danger of sliding down off its foundations.  As we hadn't read the logs we thought that the cache would have gone too and didn't even look for it.  Ah well, just a quick look near the foundations, but not with any hope of finding it.

Sandy Bridge #2

Sandy Bridge #2
Sandy Bridge #1

Again no picture, but it wasn't much different from the others.  It was found quickly and then it was time to walk back home for dinner, and hungry we were!  As for the clues, we have gone back to #3 and #4 to be sure we had the right ones.  Next, when we can add #2, we may go and find the last one.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Around Albany Creek

Sunday, November 17, 2013

As I happened to be in Albany Creek on Sunday and Monday I had the opportunity to search for a few caches again in the area.  On Sunday the whole family (and I) went for a short bike ride in the park.  More for exercise then anything else, because the weather wasn't very inviting, with threatening (and happening!) thunderstorms all week long.

Kevin and family had already started on this series of six Sandy Bridge caches, but I can always catch up! You need to grab clues at every cache to find the final one.

Sandy Bridge #3

Again no picture as I forgot my camera and don't have my GPS/camera any longer.  This bridge was a short ride from home and the find was an easy one (for me!) as Kevin and cohorts had been unsuccessful the first time around.  The hide was a bit tricky though.  We dutifully noted the clue and were on our way home, because it was starting to look very dark indeed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sandy Bridge #4

In the morning I had some spare time and decided to try and catch up on the Sandy Bridge caches.  I didn't go on the bike, as I was not prepared to go caching and didn't bring my backpack, necessary to put my tablet in, which I am using until I have a decent GPS again.

Unfortunately the compass was all over the place and would never show me to be closer than 49m, whichever way I went.  So this was a DNF for me and I'll need to catch up some other time.

Marchant to Glory in Old Kedron

On Monday afternoon, while I was driving Kevin after a small procedure on his eye, we used the bit of spare time we had to look for more caches.  One of them was hidden in Marchant Park in Chermside (The Marchants being a well known family in the area in the early 1900s.)  The Warehouse Cricket Assoc. is now housed in the park, hence this picture.  It was taken close to the cache's hiding place.  An easy find, by the way, because it was highly visible for those who were looking for a cache!

Marchant to Glory in Old Kedron

Marchant Guides

Some 600m from the former cache there should have been another one hidden 'under a log'.  Well, it suffices to say that with a GPS low on batteries and a threatening thunderstorm (yet again) we didn't hang around too long.  A DNF for this one.  We tried to get home before the storm, but got caught and had lots of water over the road during the downpour.  Luckily we were our of the range of the hail storm.  Enough broken windscreens around and north of Brisbane, so happy not to be another one of the casualties.

A special day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This day was special, not quite because it was Kevin's birthday (LOL), but a TB (Travel Bug) was going to travel to the International Space Station.  Events were being held all over the world to celebrate this fact and we were able to receive another virtual souvenir:

Geocaching in Space

Geocaching in Space
Geocaching in Space souvenir

One particular event wasn't too far out of the way, so I arranged with Kevin that we would meet at Everton Park on his way from work.  We met lots of people (the event was attended by 43+) and learned the names behind faces, because after a while you start remembering names from logs, in particular the FTFs, which are very popular among a small group that may be able to chase the new caches when they are published.

They had a rocket, to keep decorations in style, and also a cake, beautifully decorated with the picture of the souvenir!  Unfortunately no pictures of the event, as of course I hadn't remembered to bring my camera....

Since C.Ponies and a few others had brought a number of TBs we got to log 12 as having been discovered. Kevin and I each took one TB to take on our travels again.  It is getting a bit difficult though, because nano caches seem to become more popular, but there's no room for TBs or TCs...

People we met and who I remember are: IolantheK, barbbowman, teamnanabombana, Team Benders, Crookedpete, BillnCindy, membsec, Angela & Dave, and of course the organiser C.Ponies. Many other names we knew, but didn't get a chance to talk to.  I guess we'll just have to attend another event in the future.  Worth while the effort.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Geocaching with James

Saturday, November 2, 2013

As it so happened, I was going to look after James and Madeleine as well after I'd finished my stint with Mikayla.  We had a few hours to spare on Saturday and, although it was quite hot, we managed to go for a short walk not far from 'home'. i.e. Thorneside.  Too far, however, to walk all the way up to the closest caches, we took the car and arrived at the first one, which is on the roadside.

Redlands # 3

James had already found this one with his mum, so all I needed to do is find it and sign the log.  Not too hard and with some help offered from James it was even easier!  He knew I always carry a garden glove in my geocaching backpack, so he pointed out that I might want to use it...  Good thinking, James!   No need to break my nails! ;-)

Redlands # 3
It's a shame though, that vandals can't seem to keep
their hands off public property!

Tingalpa's Treasure

We cross the border here into the Brisbane area, and the new park, Bayside Parklands, is indeed a treasure with its bike and walking tracks near Tingalpa Creek and the bushland with its native animals.

We parked the car near the entrance on the roadside and walked to the first cache.  As the coordinates were spot-on and I was tall enough (!) to be able to see into the hiding place, the cache was soon in hand and the log signed by both of us.

Tingalpa's Treasure

Fork in the Road

As we didn't enter the park from Chelsea Road and not all the tracks are mapped out, we happened to take the long way in search for the cache.  "As the crow flies" the distance is approx. 500m. We walked twice as much!  However, even though the day was really heating up, it was a pleasant walk and we (or should I say "I") needed the exercise!  After finding our way off the track through the bush, and numerous spider webs, we landed at GZ and James spotted the, otherwise well-camouflaged, cache in an instant.  Finding our way back, after logging our find, was a breeze, as we discovered a shorter track to the entrance and the parking lot.

James already knows...

Close to GZ

And of course, this is what it is all about ;-)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Geocaching with Mikayla

Thursday October 31, 2013

Leitch's Cache

As Mikayla had recovered enough after having her tonsils removed a fortnight earlier, it was time to poke our heads outside again.  I'd been looking after her while mum was at work, and we both had gotten along well.  Mikayla knew there was a cache close by that had been hidden by the mother of one of her friends, so this one had to be searched for, of course.

We took the bikes and rode to the end of the street, where the horse paddocks were and the John Leitch Memorial Park.  Since my mobile phone with GPS is a write-off I have quite adapted to taking my tablet. Not very inconspicuous, I know, but it will have to do for the time being.  As one can take pictures with it, most people will think I am using it as a camera anyway...

GZ was easily found, but not so the cache.  Mikayla's first thought was that 'muggles' would have taken the cache.  She's just a tad bit impatient... ;-)  However, with experience gained over time I put my thinking cap on while I scrutinised the surroundings.  After I realised what I was looking at I also knew what to look for and soon I had the cache in hand and was able to sign the log. A well-camouflaged cache indeed!

At GZ of Leitch's Cache

The park near GZ

Another one on a sunny afternoon

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plantman Geocache # 21

This one had been on my 'to do' list for a while and since it was a perfect day for a beach walk I set out at low tide for the hunt.  The wind was blustery, but the sun was out.  Carefully placing my feet though, because I like to walk on the water's edge, but today, with the on-shore wind, the beach was littered with bluebottles!

A while ago this cache was replaced, because one of the cyclones had swept up the water high and much of the beach had disappeared, including the cache!  Not long after the cache had been replaced Kevin and I went in search, but my GPS was no longer working and his was all over the place, so we had a nice walk but no cache...

Today was the day, I decided, to go by myself and it was quite easy.  Half an hour and half an hour back, 10 minutes to search for and get to the cache (through the lantana and other prickly undergrowth), a few pictures and all in all 1-1/2 hour spent.  Not bad. :-)

A while to go yet. Just around the corner...

This pelican was wondering what a human
without fish (to feed him) was doing on the beach...

Closing in on the cache...

Yeah, somewhere high up amongst the banksias

And... another 'smiley'

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Geocaching on my own...

Friday, October 11, 2013

This time last year Frank and I were on our way back to Hamburg, NY from our trip to New York city.  Best to try and remember only the good times we had...

Today I am visiting a close friend and her husband in Redland Bay, and while she is seeing a specialist I have some time on my hands and decide to do some geocaching on my own.  A new experience, but if I want to keep doing this activity I'd better get used to it.

For the first cache I take the car as I don't have walking shoes with me.  Next time I'll make sure I have some old shoes in the boot and probably my geocaching tools.

aaaargh! ye' twin beaut'ies

It's not far and GZ is easily found.  These two trees I must have passed hundreds of times, but never realised how beautiful they are, and how old!  The roots have grown in between and over vulcanic rock.  A closer picture wasn't possible, because they are on the corner of a very busy road.

aaaargh! ye' twin beaut'ies (at the corner on the left)

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

First of all, RBBW stands for Redland Bay Bike Way.  If in the future this bike track is going to be extended it will make for a very pleasant bike ride along the fore shore in the Redlands.  The cache is in a fantastic spot.  Easily found and after you've found it you just want to stay and enjoy the peace and quiet. The bike path leads to, and around a beautiful lagoon.  GZ is right at the end where the waves are lapping at your feet...

I had made a short video of the site, but didn't seem to be able to transfer it from my tablet to the laptop. Photo's will have to suffice, but will still give a good idea of the beautiful surrounds.  The only difference is that you don't hear the relaxing sound of the little waves and the birdsong in the background.

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End
RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End - GZ
RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End - the actual (small) 
Only two this time, but who knows, I may try and do this more often if I have a bit of time on my hands...

See you next time.