Thursday, 11 December 2014

Harrow to Horsham

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On a cold morning (10 degrees only) it was nice to have a hot shower and then breakfast in the sun.  We packed up and left at 9 am after having said our goodbyes to two couples.

Since Patricia had twisted her knee badly at Mt Schank, and it was still hurting, I did my stint driving the van. We travelled from Harrow to Natimuk on country roads until we hit the Wirrema Highway to Horsham.  

All of a sudden a warning beep started sounding and the oil light came on at about 10.30am.  Knowing the trouble you can get in I pulled over immediately and Patricia rang the breakdown service who came and towed us into Horsham not long after our call.  We did have enough oil, but as appeared later, there was a wire which had worked itself loose and caused the problem.  

While the van was being looked after we walked into town, meandering in and out of shops and stopped at Waack’s Bakery for lunch.  After lunch we walked slowly back to the garage where we found the van repaired.  Patricia paid the bill and off we went.  As by then it was rather late in the day we decided to grab some caches at the botanical gardens across from the garage.  First of all it was a nice (hot) day for a walk and secondly, we had time to spare as we were not going to do a lot of driving the rest of the afternoon.

The first cache was

Guilfoyle’s Horticultural Legacy

Cache: Guilfoyle's Horticultural Legacy

An easy find, but the next one wasn’t so easy because we met with a fenced off area.  So, we hopped in the van and drove around and found the next one:

Water Reserve

Cache: Water Reserve

This one was not where we were led to believe it was, but after some scrounging around I discovered it anyway.  The last one we had to drive to as well, as it was at the opposite side of the park.

Lunch with the ducks

Cache: Lunch with the Ducks

Patricia found this one, because I was nearly going around in circles waiting for my compass to settle.  Anyway, we got to sign the log and that was enough for us for the day. It earned me my (virtual) Victorian souvenir, so that was two this holiday (South Australia was the other one).

Before we took off to our next destination we did our groceries shopping at Aldi’s and, since Patricia had bought a knee support, she wanted to take over the driving again.  Within the shortest of times we arrived at our rest area for the night: Burnt Creek (#550 - S 36 45 39, E 142 15 01). 

Rest area: #550 Burnt Creek

As usual I forgot to take pictures, but pinched one once again off Google earth.  Where would we be without it? ;-)

As it was only 3.30pm (local time of course) we took it easy and sat down with a book until dinner time after we had set up camp.  Patricia installed the TV and antenna and for the first time in days we could follow the daily news.  After dinner, at 7.30pm, it was still warm outside so we stayed on as long as possible.  The flies were a nuisance, but you learn to live with them (with occasional cursing!) :-)

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