Monday, 29 December 2014

Old Toongabbie to Nabiac

Wednesday December 3, 2014

We wake up at 7 am after a fairly hot night.  Temperatures are rising relative to our northerly travels.

We have a shower and breakfast and talk a while with Helen until it is time to leave.  Helen has to go to a meeting at 10.45 am.  We say our goodbyes and leave.

Helen and Patricia

We are aiming for a picnic area past New Castle, but after all the roadworks this rest stop from our old book might not exist anymore.  We cannot find it and drive on to Ourimbah where we stop for lunch. I didn't make a note of the rest area so it is only an approximation.

We leave at 12.45 pm and drive on till we find a stop where we want to pick up a cache.

Stop, Revive Survive and Cache

Stop, Revive Survive and cache

This was a relative easy cache to find, although an unusual an tricky container as you can see from the pictures. Patricia found this one.  We also had to use stealth, because there was an elderly couple sitting at the picnic table, but we didn't want to let this cache go.  Anyway, we logged it and were on our way again.

Our next stop should have been at Ayers Rock Roadhouse (#118 - S32 36 58, E152 04 48), and I don't know how we missed it, but we did.  Looking at Google Earth it became clear why this roadhouse had such an unusual name. Look at the big rock!

Ayers Rock Roadhouse
We keep going for a while longer till south of Taree we discover a small caravan park at Nabiac when we need to fill up fuel.  It's as good a place as any other, so we book in for the night.

Caravan Park at Nabiac

At this quiet spot we take some time to read a bit and I get my sudoku book out.  Later we try to download some caches on our GPS.  It works for Patricia, but not for me, but that's not a big deal. We are planning to have a few caching days on the way home, since we have plenty of time to get back. We're in bed by 9.30 pm.

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