Friday, 12 December 2014

Koo-wee-rup to Pakenham

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's Saturday morning.  Two weeks since I have arrived in Adelaide to start this trip and it seems I have already been away much longer.

We have our usual breakfast: weetbix with fresh fruit and I ring Dot to let her know that we will be on our way soon.  We leave at 10.30 am.

It shouldn't have been a long drive, but as it is we keep running into roadworks which delays us by a good half hour on a trip that should have taken only 20 minutes.

We arrive at Dot's at 11.30 am and meet her granddaughters, Lila and Millie, whom she and John are looking after for the morning.  Daughter Adele picks them up shortly after 12 noon.  They are delightful little girls, who don't stop chatting, but are also very well brought up and very polite.  

In the meantime we have parked the van in front of the garage, as we will be sleeping in the van again.  As at Patricia's friends in Everton the front door will be left unlocked for emergency trips to the toilet during the night... And we do have the use of the bathroom to have our regular shower in the morning.

Patricia and I know Dot and John from their time in Brisbane, when we were all members of the same dollshouse and miniatures club, so we have enough in common to spend the rest of the afternoon talking...

Dot also ask me to take these pictures, but I can't remember why, so will have to ask her again:

Dot makes a great chicken curry and after dinner we watch TV and some recorded programs about Stone Henge and general henges in England.  A very interesting documentary.  We watched another interesting program as well, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.  Never mind...

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