Monday, 29 December 2014

Heathcote to Old Toongabbie

Tuesday December 2, 2014

No sleeping in today.  Patricia turns on the TV at 6 am.  The blessing of having a TV in the van!
So, I go and have an early shower after which we have toast for breakfast.

As we are going to visit an old friend of mine, the one that used to live around the corner, we leave early.  It's peak hour time and not as quiet on the road as it used to be some 33 years ago.  I am glad we're no longer living in this busy area.  We don't need to go far, only to Miranda, but it takes a fair bit of time.  I'd wanted to go to the shops for a bunch of flowers, but there is no way we can find a parking spot, so we leave that idea.

We arrive at Mien's at about 9 am.  Seemingly early, but elderly people (she's all of 90+) are awake early and looking forward to a visit.  Any time is never too early.  As usual I have forgotten to take photos, but a few days after our visit Mien sent me some pictures of an outing with her son and daughter-in-law, so I will post one of them here.

Mien and I talked about old times this time, while Patricia played games on her mobile phone.  A few cups of coffee and much chatting later it's time to take our leave.  Too soon!

We left at 12 pm and make our way to Old Toongabbie via Heathcote Road.  Two hours and a lot of traffic-related stress later we arrive at Helen & David's place: friends of Patricia's.

David and Helen

This time it's Patricia who does all the talking and meanwhile I finish a book that I'd been reading.  After dinner I start a new book till it's time to go to bed.  We have been invited to stay for the night and we sleep in the pavillion.

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