Friday, 12 December 2014


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What a marvellous start of the morning.  After our shower we get bacon and eggs for breakfast.  More washing needs to be done and the weather is perfect for a quick dry, so I can fold and put all the clothes away in no time.

Rhond (and me sitting on the stairs)

In the afternoon Rhonda takes us to Wangaratta where we do some shopping at Aldi and IGA and fill up the gas for cooking.  On the way back we stop off at a cherry farm which Patricia had seen the day before.  We treat ourselves with a kilo of the sweetest cherries.  It’s a real treat for us, considering that we live in the warm north and cherries, if they are available at all, are generally import from the USA and very expensive.

The lady with the cherries

When we come back Patricia gets her bowling balls out and we play a game of bowls on the lawn till Rhonda discovers that the apricots on her tree are ripe, so that puts an end to our game, because we all want to taste the fresh apricots.

Dinner is fit for a king again.  Rhonda used the left-over duck to make delicious vol-au-vents and Bob made perfect crinkle cut hot chips.  Yummy...

After watching TV briefly I took off to bed early to give Rhonda and Patricia some time to talk about old times.

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