Monday, 12 August 2013

31 Days of Geocaching

Thursday, August 1, 2013

When the 31 Days of Geocaching was announced I had all the intentions to try and do as many as I could do during the month of August, but all I have managed so far is the first day of the month...  It's a bit difficult without a GPS! ;-)

However, I had noticed that Bribie Island Lifestyle was back on track after it had gone walkabout, so I could do this one without my GPS as I already knew where to look for the cache.  It was an easy find at the spot where we had been looking before and I was happy again to be able to log another one: nr. 82.  And this is what I received for my effort:

August 1

Geocachers Get Outdoors Day

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today is Geocachers Get Outdoors Day and if you log a cache you receive a souvenir.  As I have already obtained three other ones (New York State, France and Queensland) I would like to add this one to my collection.  As I don't have much time at the moment Kevin and I have visited this one a few days ago, when we visited Don't P.A.F..  He logged his find and I am going back today to log my find.  As easy as! ;-)

It's a bit of a walk along a busy road, but the weather is fine, so no problem there.  Kevin fhas found this one again and it wasn't too hard.  The cache is hidden near a memorial dedicated to Kal-Ma-Kuta, an aboriginal woman of the Joondoburri Tribe who lived near Pumicestone Passage and passed away in 1897.

Oh, and this is my souvenir:


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kevin and I are on our way to do some shopping in Caboolture and know that the cache Don't P.A.F. is going to be archived very soon, because of problems that have arisen through other cachers' behaviour. We couldn't find this cache the first time around, but want to have another go before it disappears.  So here we are and have another good search.  It is noticable that someone has gone over this place with a fine toothed comb!  It makes searching for us so much easier, because they have also left GZ quite open and Kevin spots the cache very quickly.  It is one of the most well-camouflaged caches that we have seen and very clear why we hadn't noticed it the first time.  It's a shame that a cache like this is going to be archived, because a lot of work and effort has gone into it.  However, it's the owner's decision and we are happy that we can log it before it goes...

Yes, behind the wall.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

On our way to visit Tori and the grandchildren during the school holidays we stop of at Pleasant Buoy which has been bugging me for a while.  This time Kevin does the search with me (formerly I have been twice with James and we turned over many rocks....) and of course it's Kevin we finds the cache.  According to the many logs it often depends how the last person leaves the cache behind, because sometimes it's easier to find than at other times.  However, we've got it and I am happy to log this one finally.  (The picture was pinched from the gallery as I often forget to take pictures)

The hint is: under a rock!!! :-)

On the way to Regency Downs

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today we have to go to Kevin's place and as we have enough time to find one or two caches we stop along the Warrego Highway.  The first one, called aaarrgh! ye' dumbo is orange! is not hard to find:

Kevin found this one.  It wasn't too difficult.

Next stop was at the shopping centre Plain Land.  After the colourful GZ it was a really plain stop (pardon the pun), but not the first one at a parking lot.  Parking lots seemed to be popular places in America too...

Plain Land Stop n' Go - yeah, somewhere there.... :-)

Two caches only today

Thursday June 27, 2013

As on that day we had an hour to spare, Kevin and I decided to go and find a few caches around Albany Creek. Kevin's first experience with geocaching was here with Angus and the scout group I believe.  They had to find a cache In the Doghouse.  So, Kevin and I made our way to the sportsfield and found the cache.  Kevin could log this one also, because on his first visit he hadn't become a member yet.

In the Doghouse way back at the end of the field
We don't have much time that day, but just enough to squeeze in another one.  Kevin has also been here before and just as well, because it is a multi-cache of which part of the instructions is missing.

We are going in search of the Cash Prize.  Our instructions are to be found a a plaque, a lightpost on the bridge and on a road sign, I believe, but the last one had disappeared.  Luckily Kevin had been here before and he had a vague idea where to search, although the area had been pretty much influenced, and most likely altered, by the floods.  The picture are in reverse order, but it doesn't really matter...

Looking for the instructions

We found more than just a cache: pretty fungi

The cache with all its goodies and the log

Yes, somewhere here....

Or here...

Debris left in the tree by fast flowing water during the floods

The walkway where we were supposed to find the road sign

The light post on the bridge with part of the coordinates

and the plaque with the other bits

After the search it started to rain.  Time to go home!