Sunday, 18 May 2014

No DNFs today!

Wednesday, May 15, 2014

Eleven caches in a day, but I will try to keep it brief.

While Kevin's car was being serviced I joined him in Moorooka to spend a day geocaching in an area where we hadn't been before.  Moorooka is one of the southern suburbs of Brisbane, as is Yeronga where I used to work nearly 15 years ago.

The forecast was for showers, but it was a bright and sunny day and actually quite warm.  We started off with the cache closest to the garage in Moorooka and slowly moved toward Yeronga and Annerley to fill a few hours of fun.

Rocklea Soup Bowl

Quite a simple one to start off with.  Since I had my car we drove to the first one, being a different one than we had in mind, because I took a wrong turn.  However, a quick and easy smiley to add to our list.

The next caches are a series of seven in a Memorial Park.  We drive to the park, leave the car at the entrance and walk to all the caches with a break halfway to fetch a chai latte, coffee and raisin toast.  

The park itself is huge and caters for a series of sports, like e.g. tennis, rugby, and cricket.  There is a swimming pool and an off leash dog area.  So, a bit of everything I guess.  Enough for someone to be creative with a series of caches which relate to the various sports and activities as you will see.

Yeronga Memorial Park - Pool

 Yeronga Memorial Park - CWA

(CWA = Country Women of Australia)

Yeronga Memorial Park - Rugby Union

Yeronga Memorial Park - Mallet Sports Club

Yeronga Memorial Park - Blind Cricket

Yeronga Memorial Park - Tennis

Yeronga Memorial Park - Dog Off Leash 

When we finished the tour of the park we wandered over to a site in Yeronga where the old RSPCA buildings and pens of the animals used to be.  It's now an empty block of land with the remnants of the concrete floors and grassy areas.  A bit sad to see, but on the other hand, after having seen the new accommodation, the animals now live in sheer luxury!

Scrabble - A new pet for the children

This cache is part of a scrabble series which we were not doing at the time, however, we have taken the clues from the container and will save them for whenever we are going back to finish this series.

Look Out for Trolls

A bit further down the road is a pathway between the houses leading to a bridge across a creek.  This is where we had to search for our next cache. We spent some time on this particular one, because it was not at the co-ordinates.  Instead, Kevin found it a lot further down and he did not have to climb up the bridge (terrain 3 stars!) as it was suggested in the description.  The cache was clearly not replaced where it should have been. So, he put it back where we thought it had originally been hidden, because it was the only spot where a magnetised cache would fit.

After a warm and uncomfortable climb up-hill to the main road we were ready for a rest and lunch.  We walked to the little Vietnamese restaurant where we had had our morning tea and enjoyed a nice bowl of noodle soup.  After a good rest we walked back to the garage to pick up the car (and meanwhile retrieving mine as well), while picking up one more cache on the way.

Left or Right?

The last one of a successful day.  No DNFs at all.  Now, that's a first I believe.  The last cache was hidden along a busy road, but easily spotted from a distance.  For the second time of the day I left a few TBs that I had collected and not been able to get rid of, because of all the micro caches. They are on their way again for new adventures.

Signing the log, eh... oops!  The wrong one! :-)