Monday, 29 December 2014

Batemans Bay to Bomaderry

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Of course, on a morning when we really would like to sleep in for a change, the ranger knocks on the door early to collect his money.  So, we pack up early and have our breakfast (toast) at leisure.  After we've cleaned the dishes we go for another walk to the beach and leave at around 10.30 am.

The plan was to go back to Batemans Bay, as this was on our list, but Patricia is good at changing plans, so she wants to push on to our next destination.  An hour later we pass through Ulladulla and since we are in need of groceries we stop at the parking lot behind a shopping centre.  After we have stocked up on groceries we walk through a lane way with market stalls, but most are packing up because of a threatening storm.  (It has been overcast all morning and been raining on and off.)

Our next stop in the afternoon is at Sussex Inlet where a friend of Patricia's ex-husband lives.  He'd  asked her to say hello, so Patricia gives his friend a ring and agrees on a time to meet, although we have to go to Falls Creek, a bit further down the track...

In the meantime we look for a campsite and find Alamein Caravan Park (#605 - S35 10 23, E 150 35 21).  Since the office is unattended we have lunch in the car park after which Patrica tries again and books a site for the night.  Then we go and get LPG for the van.  Patricia changes her mind yet again and we return to the caravan park for her to go and ask for the money back, which is given without a problem.  

After a short drive we stop off at the friend's address. We're offered a cup of tea and Patricia spends a good hour talking about old times and then we move on. 

We'll be driving through Nowra, a town where Patricia used to live, but she's not really interested in having a closer look as it is mostly raining now. We did drive past HMS Albatross though, the place where Patricia used to work when she was in the navy, and via BTN Street (where P. used to live) till we are past the river at Bomaderry where we look for the caravan park which we have in mind for our overnight stay.  It's soon found and booked and we have a place for the night, with power. There's a laundry as well, so we'll do our washing while we are here, if the weather gets better.  It's still raining, though, so the meal is cooked in the tent.  

Shoalhaven Ski Park (#597 - S35 10 23, E150 35 21)

Since we have power we watch TV after dinner. 

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