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Eden to Bega

Friday, November 28, 2014

As we are at a rest area with toilets but no showers Patricia decides it's time to try out her camping shower in the tent at the back of the van.  It should work by means of a pump which rests in a bucket with water, but apparently it doesn't work, so.... a hand wash it is for me today.  No big deal, I am refreshed anyway and we can now concentrate on breakfast.  As it is still early and we haven't far to go we read a bit while the tent gets time to dry in the sunshine.  After a cup of coffee we leave for Eden

Eden, when we arrive at the beach front, is a surprise.  It even has a cemetery that sits on prime real estate: right on the beach! 

I find a quiet spot out of the glaring sun to check my email briefly  I am glad I did, because I see a notice on fb that my niece and her partner have a little boy!

I have also checked for geocaches and yes, there are a few.  One we can actually walk to and since the weather is still beautiful (warm, actually) and the views equally beautiful, we set out to go and find that cache.  On our walk we pass plenty of lookouts with magnificent views.

And then we arrive at our destination:

Mary MacKillop - Eden

Cache: Mary MacKillop - Eden

The cache was easily found, by Patricia this time.  She found something else as well: a bell to play with.  I think we must have a picture on Patricia's camera, so it will be added at a later stage.  (done now)

A bit of fun

The story is, that Patricia wanted to sound the bell and upon doing so a lady across the street came out and started talking with us.  Her visiting friend joined in too and I understand they are caretakers of the Mary MacKillop Hall (a former church).  They invite us to have a look and boil the kettle for us to make ourselves a cup of coffee.  How friendly is that?

Patricia enjoying her coffee

Interior and ...

... exterior of the Hall

After this encounter we walk back to the van and have lunch at the picnic table at the nearby lookout. Next we drive to Lookout Point at Eden Wharf, and on the way top up fuel and treat ourselves with an icecream.  Of course we enjoy the beautiful views at the lookout, and also go in search of the cache, which I find relatively easily again, but have to use stealth as a family is having lunch at a nearby picnic table.

Whale of a Time

Cache: Whale of a Time

When the log is signed and the cache hidden again we drive back to Eden and on to Bega where we arrive at about 3.30 pm.   Early enough to go and have a look at the Bega Cheese factory.

Besides the museum there is also a museum/craft shop with lots of items made by locals.  I by a bobbin for my collection lacework bobbins (which I actually use, but not very frequently).  And what else would there be but a cheese shop, so we do some serious cheese tasting, and we buy some, of course.

Then we take our leave and drive to our spot for the night, but first we pass through a little town, Mogo, with lots of shops where we stop to have a look around.  We finish the walk with an icecream.

And then we drive on to: Dry River Rest Area (#624 - S36 28 07, E149 52 00) I have made a note of it in my log and I know we needed a place for the night, but I think we didn't stop here for the night as we didn't particularly like the open space.

Dry River Rest Area

I have also pictures of another spot where we stopped along the Princes Highway at approx. 4.30 pm, so I think I have failed to make a correction and below is the rest area for the night.  Probably near Brogo.

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