Sunday, 12 July 2015

Caching in the Redlands

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kevin was staying with me for the weekend and we were going for a little trip to Mt. Cotton in the Redlands.  The trip being too big for just going and returning home was small enough to give us some extra time in the Redlands for geocaching, so that's what we did.  We found a few that had been eluding us in the past, so we were happy to turn them into smileys this time.  The weather was great and just right for a walk, which we needed for the caches around Moogurrapum Creek.

Twin Barrel 

A rather confusing cache with different sets of coordinates according to other cachers, and a logbook with a different name.  Also, the signed names in the logbook don't match the logs on line. We suspect that there are 2 cache containers and I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was a throw down.

RBBW - Roadside Bump


RBBW - Roadside Stop  

No, this is not the cache, but a long dead wallaby lying nearby

RBBW - a PARK for Business 

Moogarrupum Creek-Parklands Footbridge

The Moogarrupum Creek Series with which we had such problem finding the caches of in the past.  

Moogarrupum Creek-The Twisted Tree   

How hard is it to find a tree as twisted as this one.  Answer: very hard 
(when you are looking for it on the wrong side of the creek!) ;-)

Moogarrupam Creek-Blackbutt

This one took a while to find, but perseverance wins.  

RBBW - Great Wall of Redland Bay

Back to the RBBW series.  This is one that I couldn't find some time ago.  
A little tricky one that I definitely should have been able to spot! 

RBBW - A Random Tin   

And the last one of the day.
Kevin found one more, but I had already logged my find some time ago.

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