Saturday, 27 June 2015

GPS lessons and caching around Ferny Grove

Wednesday June 24, 2015

For as long as I have had my Garmin GPS I have had difficulties of sorts, varying from battery problems to not being able to download more than some 50 caches.  The battery problems had been solved a while ago after I bought expensive, but excellent batteries.  I have lost the mini SD card, because the slot wasn't closing properly, but I'm not going to replace it.  And Heather was our savior when it came to solving the most pressing problem!

Patricia, Dianne and I visited Heather and she took care of all our problems.  My system software was updated, new maps installed and last but not least we discovered the problem of downloading caches.  Now I have a few thousand on my GPS.  A far cry from the 50 something I could have before.  The only thing to do is finding and installing a map for Europe for when I go on my trip next month.

I learned a few more things and so did Patricia and Dianne.  Of course we had to bring all of it into practice, so we went out for a day caching around Ferny Grove.

A Swedish Present

A cache placed by Patricia's daughter, Dianne, who lives in Sweden.

Bushranger #4 The Ball

A Cubic Problem

A cache placed by Patricia's son Colin. This one took some time to solve and all the while we were being watched by a beautiful Tawny Frogmouth.

Tawny Frogmouth on the log in the centre

A Tawny Frogmouth watching us

The 'from here' to 'to here' was the real problem. :-)

A Quiet Spot

Bushranger #5 The End

 A Lonely Spot

Heavy lifting!!!

Upper Kedron Station

View The Falcons

Rock On - Keperra

Fallian marsh gas

Soylent Green

 I Was Only 19

One of the caches by Heather

T-Tech Turns 50

All Aboard


Mission Impossible

Return to Sender

 Terracotta Warrior 5-7-5

Zamphour Mk II

Which way to go

Mission Accomplished

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