Thursday, 30 July 2015

The bike gets repaired and geocaching

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

When I am updating this it's Thursday already.  Where does the time go? Actually, I think I can answer that...  I have been spending the whole morning talking, looking at other people's blogs, scrolling through messages on facebook and... and...  So, there you go, that's why time flies! :-)

Back to Tuesday.  I had quite forgotten what we'd been up to, but it has all come back to me (with Patricia's help!).  The weather still wasn't optimal, but there was a bike waiting to be repaired, so I rang the bike shop and I could bring it in.  Got to the car with the bike, emptied the back, put the seats down and... the bike didn't fit!  Well, we still had the camper, didn't we, so the only option was to find something to put on the bed for protection and lift the bike on top.  Not an easy feat, but successful after some panting and two damaged fingers (Patricia's and mine).

Then we drive to Nederhorst den Berg to the bike repair shop.  They can't do it straight away, but it's also too long to wait.  However, it's dry and I know of a geocache in town, so we set out to walk.  It's a multi cache which involves finding a number of shops of which pictures are shown.  The tricky part is that the pictures only show a minute detail of a bigger one and are not easy to find.  In the end we had a nice walk and found all but one, which was a real nuisance and Patricia said that she was really, really upset and wouldn't be able to sleep... HaHa

No backlight reduction on my phone camera means no good results against the bright sky

In the afternoon we went back to pick up the bike, which, the bike repair man said, had had too little TLC.  The chain hadn't been tightened and the nuts or bolts of the back wheel had been loose, so the poor thing was just falling apart.  Luckily it didn't cost us the world, but adding this to the costs for the car, which I heard afterwards had this 'inbuilt' problem which I could ignore, was adding up a bit.

We didn't do any more caching or sightseeing, because a camper isn't really built for that kind of exercise, and neither am I. ;-)

At night I am going through the pictures again on my laptop and all of a sudden I realise which one we have missed!

The above are the pictures, 8 of which we had to find, but we didn't know which ones we didn't need! The one that came to me later was the one with the four blue squares.  I knew there was an Albert Heijn supermarket in the town square and the two blue squares where the 'dots' on the ij of the sign.  How could I have missed that?  Anyway, now having found all eight I had no troubles getting the coordinates for the cache and we would probably go back one day to find the actual container! And Patrica had a restful night!!!

It had been good fun walking and having a look at all the sights of this town.  To us these towns and villages are so quaint and picturesque, it's a pleasure to wander around.

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