Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A day to theme park The Efteling

Thursday, 23 July 2015

For today I think I'm better off just posting most of the pictures, as what else can you say if you go to the Efteling?  Just one thing though.  We bought a deluxe ticket with which we were very happy.  It entitled us to arrive half an hour early thus reducing the general waiting times at the rides; included coffee with apple cake, lunch and dinner (I had a glass of beer with both); free parking; and 25% off souvenirs (which the three of us promptly forgot!).  All the rides are free and even just walking through the park is a pleasure as it must have the most well designed and maintained gardens I've ever seen.

We started at the Spookslot and got wet in the Pirana.  Dianne went in the new ride which consisted of a free fall followed by a roller coaster ride.  The Pagode was under repair and hence closed. 


Baron 1898

Carnaval Festival

We briefly visited the Efteling museum and had lunch. We took the monorail in Laaf Land and had a few roller coaster rides in the dark (Vogel Rok). Patricia said: "Oh, this can't be bad.  See all the prams outside." Well, children must have much more stamina than we do, because I ended up with my stomach in strange places and I wasn't the only one! But it was good fun. The haunted house, Villa Volta, was something special too.

Efteling Museum

Lunch at the Witte Paard

Monorail: The people of Laaf


We saw a show and went for a ride in an old fashioned steam carousel after which Patricia and I went to the Fairytale Forest and Dianne jumped into a few daring rides.


The steam carousel

In the fairytale forest: Little Red Riding Hood

Roller coaster the Python

In the fairy tail forest: The Emperor's invisible clothes

One of Diane's rides

Dinner at the Witte Paard

In the pancake restaurant

Aquanura (water show)

I'm sure I will have forgotten some and I don't have pictures of all the rides either, as I have been so often and don't need to end up with the same pictures over and over.  We had a great day, which I am sure I will repeat before I go home in September!

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