Monday, 27 July 2015

Headache and a day of rest in Vreeland

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday was going to be a day of rest, but of course we had to do some cleaning.  The washing had to be done as well, so we made the most of the still sunny weather and got it all out of the way.  My job was done in leaps and bounds, because I was down on the lounge for most of the time with, yes! Another headache!

After Patricia and Dianne came back from groceries shopping they had lunch and then Dianne gave my back a thorough massage.  My muscles seemed to have knotted up something terrible and she managed to free them all up again.  It was the second message while I had such bad headache, and although not gone completely, it certainly eased it a lot.  By nighttime I nearly was my old self again.

As we had a few days spare we planned to visit our beautiful theme park, the Efteling.  I knew that booking tickets online would be cheaper so tried to get them for the following day.  As usual, things didn't quite go to plan, but after a few phone calls I managed to reserve tickets to be picked up, as the online booking wasn't successful.
We finished the day with a load of clean clothes and sheets and the camper all neat and tidy again.  Even the cabinet door got repaired, and the little step on a temporary basis as the welding had rusted through and we were close to breaking a leg, or worse. ;-)

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