Monday, 13 July 2015

Vreeland: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprisingly we woke up quite early and after a shower went downstairs for breakfast.  After breakfast we sought to do our own thing for a while, so I did some work on the laptop.  After morning tea we had a look at the camper to find out if we had any questions before going away at the end of next week.

We also made a trip to the shops again to stock up for a few days.  It's quite funny to go out to the shops with someone who doesn't know the country, culture or the food and it certainly gets confusing when they can't read what's on the packets.  So we wander through the shops, asking, explaining and all this in English so people look up because they hear a different language.  It's even more funny when you come out in perfect Dutch to ask something, or answer a question willingly attempted in English by the staff. ;-)

Patricia seems to enjoy new products and is trying to acquire a taste for something new, while I quite enjoy products that I had forgotten existed and for which the taste comes back instantly.  I love the red berries (rode bessen) that are in season, the Dutch cheese (is there any better cheese elsewhere in the world?) the numerous variations of lovely bread and I could go on.  I don't honestly miss it at home, but when I get the chance while I'm here I enjoy it to the full. And I could help but go home with 2 lovely pastries: nogatine gebak!

Anyway, after the shopping is done we go for a short walk through the little town and along the river.  There are numerous bridges here and because of the weather there are so many craft on the water that the bridges are constantly open.  We don't mind the wait as it is a pleasure to look at all the boats passing by.

Flowers everywhere. A bit like some of the railway stations at home.

Patricia with 'her' bike

I reckon this beats a house in a canal estate at home any time.

Beautifully green on all sides
Next we go home since it's time for dinner.  After that we had plans to go out on our bikes again and try and find some geocaches, but.......... a blinding headache threw a spanner in the works and it was a very early night for me. :-(

Sunday, July 13, 2015

Today, Sunday, I woke up after a restless night, not quite refreshed, but after coffee and breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast) the headache slowly disappeared and I became my old self again.

As it was raining we didn't feel like going out, so I took the chance to log a lot of outstanding caches and updated my blog.  Plans to go visit someone didn't work out and in the end we ended up staying at home.  Patricia loves her TV and works on her crafts in the meantime.  I spent most of the day working on the laptop, hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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