Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A day around the house and Dianne arrives

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

As we have been away in the meantime, and I haven't been able to keep up with my diary I write the next bit from memory. Don't expect too much! :-)

On Tuesday we had a quiet day at home again.  In the afternoon we took the camper for a drive, because I wanted to be prepared for our trip to Germany in a few days.  Fortunately it's not as big as the ones we've rented before, but still, it's bigger than an ordinary car, manual and you don't have the windows on all sides to keep an eye on the traffic.  Saying that, I didn't have any problems backing out of the yard, nor on the road in general.  It only became a bit of a problem when, on the way back, we were heading for a narrow bridge that I knew wouldn't take the width of the van.  We had to make a detour, but it lead us through very narrow streets in the village and it took all my skill to get around the corners safely.  It worked out well.  Perhaps it was only my perception, being used to wider streets...

I am sure we must have done more in the morning, but it might just be that I worked on my blog. Anyway, I'll show a few pictures to spruce up the page:

Dieuwer's house and front yard

Working out some plans for the trip to Germany

Later in the afternoon we picked up Dianne, Patricia's daughter, at Schiphol airport.  Getting there was no problem, but finding the right parking area was!  Three times around the block sort of thing, but eventually we got it right.  We had planned to be an hour early, just in case and as it was that worked out fine.  We were a bit later and Dianne's plane landed half an hour earlier, so the wait was not long.  We went back home and picked up some groceries on the way and had a night together sharing all the latest news.

When we came home our SIM cards (Patricia's and mine) had arrived, kindly delivered by Heidi (my lovely niece) and we were going to activate them straight away, so that we could finally use our mobile phones locally.  Unfortunately we had not realised that in Germany we would be roaming and not be able to use data.  The main reason for having the SIM card in the first place. :-(  Anyway, after spending a lot of time on trying to get it all to work I had to give up as I seemed to need another pin code that I didn't have. Heidi and Pim were going to try and sort it out the next day.

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