Sunday, 12 July 2015

Caching in Burbank with Paul and Amanda

Sunday, July 5, 2015

As Amanda had a TB for me to take on my trip to Europe we decided to meet, and why not, go caching together! :-)  Kevin and I left early on a glorious winter morning and were at Burbank (south of the river) at 8.30 am.  Paul and Amanda arrived a short time later and we set off to do the Rabbit and Rat series, or at least, part of them as Paul and Amanda had already done the first half.  Still, there were at least 23 left for us to find, so we got going...

  Tricky Rabbit 1 

 Fox amongst the Rabbits 1 

Rat Plague 4 

All rat containers were cute.

Tricky Rabbit 2 

Stray Rabbit 

This cache took a long time, but Amanda found it in the end.

Rat Plague 5

Tricky Rabbit 4 

There were clever containers too!

Tricky Rabbit 3

 Rabbit Trap 4

 Rat Plague 3 

Rabbit Trap 3

Rabbit Trap 2

Rat Plague 1 

Time for lunch

Rabbit Trap 1

We're having a jolly good time.

 Rabbit Trap 6

Rabbit Trap 5

Rat Plague 2

Possibly Tricky Rabbit 6 

And from here on something didn't tally between the logged caches and the pictures, 
hence the 'possibly' in the headings.

Possibly Tricky Rabbit 5

An almost certain: Rabbits-ville

 In the end we'd found 23 caches and no DNFs.
A perfect day, with great friends and beautiful weather.

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