Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Mega in Hessen (3) and a short camper trip (Saarburg)

Sunday, 19 July 2015


The last day of the event has come around very fast.  Actually, it's not even a full day, we just have breakfast together after which everyone leaves.  We have started packing up early and enjoy another breakfast together to the full.  We say goodbye to everyone, have a last look around and take a few pictures of the event's 'logbook'.

The names of possibly 2000 attendees

Then it's time to climb into the camper and start the rest of our trip.  We're planning to go south and, as this is our geocaching trip, pick up a cache each in France, Luxembourg and Belgium, because we would like to get a virtual souvenir from each country.  I already have one from France, but Patricia and Dianne don't.

The route leads us from Nierstein, near Frankfurt via Saarburg to Thionville in France.  Patricia and I are quite relaxed geocachers, but Dianne is a 'number cruncher' who wants to stop a few times to pick up a cache along the route. This is the first one:



This one was just off the road near a huge parking lot, so easy to get to.  The next one is close to a fuel station, also an easy 'park and grab':

Heidenfahrt Nord (A60)  


Next follows a rather interesting one. It's also near a fuel station, but we have to walk a scenic pathway through a forest, not too far from the road.  The cache container is a surprise and rather tricky, but Patricia knows the tricks of the trade and spots it first:

DJs ABC - Raststätte Hunsrück Ost


A well-camouflaged container. Tricky!

As we 'don't speak German' we ignore this sign of course... ;-)

Kleine Grotte


The Kleine Grotte is in a village and way off the highway. Driving a camper in the hilly area and it being a manual vehicle is not my preferred way of enjoying a drive, so I decide that this is not going to happen all the way back to Vreeland.  I have done in one shoulder on these kind of trips and I am not prepared to repeat the exercise, so I am going to hint that we are going to stay mainly on the highway. But, we're here now and the cache should be only a short walk away, so we go in search of it.  Beautiful views, I don't deny it, and a cache that eludes us.  We read the latest logs and it appears to have gone walkabout.  The most recent cachers have used a photo-log instead, so we do the same to prove that we've been there:

A few more pictures of this picturesque village (of which there are so many...)

The next one we come across is one of a special type, an earth cache.  These caches often require questions to be answered and a picture taken of the location.  We have a fair idea of the correct answers, but will log this one later after we've checked.

Was ist eigentlich Metamorphosegestein?



Frau Holle

In the afternoon we arrive in Saarburg where we have reserved a campsite earlier in the day. It's an RV camp right on the river Saar with beautiful views.

Unfortunately it's raining on and off and we can't keep it dry even under the awning of the camper.  Later it clears up again and I go for a short walk to take some pictures.

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