Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A few days at home in Vreeland

Sunday 26 July 2015

After a late night we sleep in a bit and then we have breakfast together.  I stay on till after morning tea, but don't want to hang around too long, because Patricia is home all by herself.

When I arrive next-door-neighbour Arend sees me and informs me instantly of the panic (!) they endured over the weekend. As I know I can take Arend's concerns apparently with a grain of salt I am not too worried.

As there was no car the neighbours had assumed that there was nobody home.  On Saturday, during the storm, one of the windows had been seen left open and the curtains blowing in the wind. A lady had noticed this and had informed Arend. On Sunday morning Arend, who had been in touch with one of Dieuwer's sons, rang the bell and knocked on the door, to check if there was anybody in the house, but as Patricia had gone out for a walk, the knock on the door wasn't answered of course.  So, he went in and closed the windows (bedroom and attic) and left again.  When I arrived he surprised me with his story, even more so when I discovered that Patricia was at home! :-)

Patricia had apparently not noticed her bedroom window 'flapping' in the wind, and besides, the attic windows had been open when we had first arrived at the house, so they hadn't been considered during the storm.  Anyway, no harm was done and there was no damage at all.  Even the pot plants in the garden were still standing, so the force of the storm hadn't been as bad here as elsewhere.

Since the weather had cleared just a little bit after lunch we decided to go for a walk and see more of the surroundings.  I took a few pictures:

Monday 27 July 2015

The weather hasn't improved much, so the day has been spent indoors.  I have taken the opportunity to update my blog and make a few phone calls. Otherwise there's not much of interest going on...  The weather should improve towards the weekend, fingers crossed!

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