Monday, 27 July 2015

Our last day on the road: Luxembourg - Belgium - The Netherlands

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

We're still having minor problems here and there.  Yesterday, I believe it was in Mersch, we stopped for afternoon tea, and when Patricia opened the kitchen cabinet water was running off a shelf down into the bottom of the cabinet. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be a leaking water hose.  When Patrica and Dianne went for a walk I placed a huge container underneath and stretched out on the bed for a bit of a rest as I felt a headache coming on again.  Within half an hour that container had filled up, so we emptied the cabinet to dry everything out and also emptied the water tank as there was no way we could contain the flow of water.  We bought bottled water instead.

Back to camping the Fuussekaul.  I had a nice shower in the morning and could finally wash my hair properly.  That felt good!  Not much later, after breakfast, we packed up again to make our way home, because I had just about had enough of it all (the driving with too many stops off the highway for caches, a door that wouldn't close properly anymore after one of Dianne's tent poles got caught, and the leaking water hose on top of that).  We cut our trip short by two days, which I didn't mind, because there would have been two more days of driving around to get more caches instead of enjoying the picturesque surroundings, which was the original reason for our trip.

All we still needed was one more cache in Belgium, which we would be driving through anyway, and any other cache(s) would be a bonus.  I was prepared to stop a few more times, but only if there was a cache near a service station or at least close to the highway.  We found four more:

[TdW] LX.4 Bastogne


The cache was supposed to be magnetic, but we ended up finding it upon a ledge along the wall.  (The cache has been disabled in the meantime by the cache owner to investigate what happened with the magnetic part of it.)

An interesting historical site...

...with the description of it


  Monument en hommage à la 82ème Div. US AIRBORNE  

This cache was hard to find.  Patricia and Dianne had all but given up when I decided to go around once more from a distance to have a better overall view and... yes!  That worked. :-) It was hidden in the tiniest spot on the side of the cannon and well-camouflaged.

Now we had our Belgian one, so we could keep going.  Two more in The Netherlands before we arrived in Vreeland:

Coin hotel AC Nederweert


A tricky one in a trap door

Verzorgingsplaats Ooiendonk


An easy one in the top of a post

Back home we fill up with petrol and have a bit of a rest.  We unpack, but leave the cleaning of the camper for the following day.  All we do, because it's still a beautiful sunny day, is opening the kitchen cabinet on both sides so it can dry out even more.  It's not really wet, but it's better to be on the safe side.

A last wave from the camper!


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