Monday, 27 July 2015

Our trip: Saarburg - Thionville - Heiderschied

Monday, 20 July 2015


The following morning we go for another walk and pick up a few caches in town: 

DhdT Hogwarts Express  


A picture of the logbook to prove we'd found it (all three of us forgot to bring a pen!)


TB-Hotel "Robert-Walser-Haus"


Hidden in a letterbox behind the wall amongst the bushes

It's a pity that on a trip like this you don't get the time to read the descriptions of the caches beforehand, because there's always a lot of history.  Although, it's not only because of the kind of trip, but Patricia and I were unfortunate enough not to have access to our mobile phones or GPSrs.  Only Dianne had internet now and then.

After our walk it was time to leave.  Close to the RV camp was an Aldi, so we stocked up on our groceries and set out for the next stop. As distances are not quite what we're used to in Australia we could take our time and managed to drive from Germany into France and north into Luxembourg all within a few hours.  In the meantime we found this cache on our way to Thionville in France:

 Ligne Maginot : la cloche 


We went on to Thionville however and found a free parking spot in the centre of town.  I had to carefully manoeuvre the camper around the corners and the boom gate, but managed to park it quite decently in the small space of an ordinary car.  Thank heavens it was Monday morning and there were not too many cars about!

We walked into town and took in the sights.  Searched for a cache that eventually eluded us and found a nice small restaurant where we had lunch:

EvTh - l'autel de la Patrie


The square where we looked in vain for our cache

My delicious lunch: cheese, cheese and more cheese... Did I tell you I love cheese? ;-)

A walk in the parc on the way back

After a short stroll through town we picked up the camper and headed back north towards Luxembourg.  We had our cache in France and that was all we needed.

The highway was going to lead through Luxembourg city, but as Dianne expected us to end up in the city she wanted me to take another route.  Not clearly thinking because of another headache I obliged, but it would have been so much easier to keep on going, because all we needed was a camping north of the city.
We stopped for a short break at Mersch. There was also a cache: Parc de Mersch of which I don't have any pictures.  It was under a bridge and Dianne had to disturb some workers.  I stayed in the camper because I had one of my recurrent headaches again.  A real pain in the proverbial, but something I can't do much about as not even the headache tablets I take seem to work anymore.  I just pray every time they don't turn into a downright migraine!

When I felt well enough to drive again we went on for a short bit to a camping near Heiderscheid: The Fuussekaul.  A neat and tidy RV site on one site of the road, and cabins, caravan and tent sites on the other side with clean and modern toilet blocks.

Of course Dianne couldn't help herself and went immediately in search of a cache together with Patricia.  I had a much needed rest and went for a short walk later to also write my name in the logbook.

Protokol 9

This was a pretty tricky cache, because when I found the container it said: Not Here! Without the help of Dianne I would not have thought to feel around below and get the real container!

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