Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Mega in Hessen, Germany (geocaching event) - 2

Saturday, 18 July 2015 

As we have ordered breakfast for both days during the event we head off to the open air dining area.  We are not the first ones, so we don't have to line up in the queue.  It's a nice breakfast and so much that it serves us for lunch as well. (At least, for me.  I don't eat much. :-))

We have two bread rolls each with either cheese, ham, or salami, or all of the above.  There's also jam and nutella, but I don't really have a sweet tooth when it comes to bread meals.  We also receive a helping of scrambled eggs with bacon.  Add a real nice cup of coffee to this and we have laid a nice foundation.

Breakfast or morning tea time.  I can't remember which...

After breakfast we walk around and have a good look at the geocaching stalls with lots of wares that we suddenly 'need'. ;-)  I have restrained myself in the past, but now I want a TB for my backpack, some novel cache containers, logbooks and I also see a great birthday present for a geocacher.  I add a pen to the lot, but unfortunately I end up with one in red ink.  I thought that only the colour of the pen itself was red, handy when you drop it in the green grass!  Ah well, my logs will be clearly seen from now on! Oh yes, and because I needed a magnet the other day I have now bought a strong magnet with a light on a telescopic stick.

The stash (and the presents are not recognisable!) :-)

Everyone happily sampling the wares, and the weather? Perfect!

When I've spent all my money we go in search of some caches in the area.  Unfortunately we can't do as much as we would like to, because Dianne's internet doesn't work, Patricia doesn't have data usage in Germany and nor do I for that matter, but I have also forgotten to download maps for Europe on my GPS, so neither of us has up-to-date information. :-(

At breakfast, when we spoke with a lot of people around us, we were given some information for the lab-caches, but that's about all.  We use my GPS with the limited information, which is doable, because we use the compass as none of the caches are far from the campsite.  We manage to find a few and can log 3 out of the 8 lab-caches, so we have something to show for our efforts.  The Mega and two other smaller events count as a cache as well.  Every bit helps.

A few of the caches:

19. Ausgabe


The following one is another cache, but we can't log it as we fail to have the full information.

The discovering of Trackables or Travel Bugs (TBs for short) is a popular pastime at any event, but we are more popular than usual, because we come from Sweden and Australia.  It's a pity I didn't get time to have my own TB activated, but we sure got to 'discover' others' and were also asked to take various TBs with us back to Australia to be released in caches.

We have our 'prepared' lunch and go back to the lake where we are going to watch the various games in the afternoon. They involve paddling, swimming and tug-of-war.

After all this we don't really feel like cooking and the food looks real good, so we buy dinner and have it with a view on the lake.

Curried bratwurst and hot chips was my choice
 Later at night there was entertainment. Patricia and I stayed for a bit, but Dianne, who's a tad bit younger than we are, stayed till after midnight and had a ball.  Patricia and I fell asleep with the sound of entertaining good music in our ears.  It didn't even take long...

Good night. See you tomorrow.

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