Sunday, 9 August 2015

Visitors for a change!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our plans for today were straightforward: Shopping after breakfast; visiting the nearby windmill where they sell flour; pick up a geocache nearby and then go home to have lunch and get ready for the visitors.  Never plan anything!  Or rather: The best laid plans for men and mice... ;-)

As it worked out we arrived in Loenen when a flea market was on, so....  Two hours later we arrived at the boutique that was closed every time we walked past.  I manage to find a nice polo shirt and then we're going on to the supermarket for our groceries.  Ehhh, not quite.  I am going on and Patricia discovers more market stalls!

Finally, at 1pm we arrive home, with the groceries and we have a quick lunch.  No windmill, no geocache. ;-)  We had a good time anyway, so no harm done.

Some time later Wim and Gerrie, our visitors, arrive and we spend a pleasant afternoon together.  They are also here to have a look at the camper, which they admire.

After a cuppa we go for a walk, because the weather is perfect for it.  We're surrounded by water in this neck of the woods and on the river Vecht there are so many boats that the bruggewachter (the man who opens and closes the bridge) doesn't get time to sit down!

Holland is beautiful.  In summer!

After dinner we spend some more time together talking and planning for my last week here, when Patricia will be with her daughter in Sweden.  All too soon the end of the visit has arrived, but I will be seeing them soon again.

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