Friday, 14 August 2015

Visiting Amsterdam

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As I hadn't been to Amsterdam with Patricia and Diane we decided to have another trip together.  We took the bus from Purmerend early in the morning and got off at Central Station in Amsterdam.  We were using cards for travelling (equivalent to our go-cards) and promptly forgot to touch off.  Luckily no harm was done as we discovered in the afternoon on the way back!

We first went to the Public Library to admire the Mouse Mansion on display in the childrens' department.

the Jewish room in the mouse mansion

In the morning Jane, who I'd met in Singapore, had messaged me and wanted to meet up with her for coffee.  We liked the idea, but had some time to spare until we were meeting, so Patricia and I went in search of a nearby cache.

Sporen van vroeger #1 (Amsterdam)


We found it easily at almost the busiest place one could imagine, in front of Central Station.  Plenty of muggles, but be honest, who is looking at the behaviour of yet another tourist? ;-)

After our find we walked back to the library where we met with Jane and had lunch together.  It was lovely to see each other again.  It's such a small world and great to meet people you know or hardly know at all! Jane had visited Italy and Germany in the meantime and would next travel to London.

Patricia, Marion, Jane
The rest of the day was spent walking around Amsterdam's canals, the Red Light District, The Dam, and visiting some shops, amongst which a sex shop, just for the fun of it! :-)

A statue of Majoor Bosschaert, a well-known member of the Salvation Army who worked for the people in Amsterdam

Monument on the Dam

Eventually we had to say goodbye to Jane and make our way back to Central Station where we caught the bus back to Purmerend where we spent another delightful evening.

the units where Moenie and Paula live

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