Sunday, 2 August 2015

Brocante and Antique market in Heusden and lunch with Margriet

Saturday, 1 August 2015


We wake up to another wonderful morning, and get ready to go on a 1 hour drive to HeusdenHeusden is a very old fortified town, dating back to the 8th century.  We used to live in Oudheusden, which was part of Heusden, until we migrated to Australia.

Patricia and I take a short detour through the streets, because I would like to show her where we used to live and I also wanted to see it for myself again.  A lot had changed.  We have been away now for 35 years and in those years we have seen the decline of the area and houses, but now it's all much improved again with better maintained houses, lovely gardens and so much greenery! The biggest change was the disappearance of the supermarket on the corner where I used to do all my shopping.  A very strange sight indeed.

Next we went on to the town centre where we were to meet Margriet.  We parked the car away from the centre and a horse-drawn wagon took us to the market place.

Patricia and I walked around for a bit until it was time for our date, and met up with Margriet and next Patricia did her rounds by herself and let us talk.

We had a lot to catch up with and it was great to see Margriet so well, because she's been very ill.  Just over a year go I visited her in hospital.

We had lunch at De Pannekoekenbakker (a pancake restaurant) after which Margriet went home again for her daily rest and visitors later in the day.

Patricia and I decided to combine a walk through town with a geocache hunt: a multi.  We had to walk through a lot of streets to find all the numbers 8 which appeared in pictures of the cache description, a bit like the multi with the pictures that we did in Nederhorst den Berg.

One of the numbers 8 of course (but not the correct one!) ;-)

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