Monday, 3 August 2015

Hurray for facebook!

Sunday, 2 August 2015


As I said in the title of this post: hurray for facebook, because it's thanks to facebook, and the lovely lady who is married to my cousin, who gave me the idea to go to the floating flower show today.

Ina had posted pictures on fb of yesterday's show and I commented that I would've loved to see this.  The response was that it would again be on today and I could google for information.  So I did!

Patricia and I spent a quiet morning at home and then drove to Rijswijk first, because I wanted to show her where and how Delft ware is made.  We stopped at De Delftse Pauw, a small factory where Delft ware is produced, painted and sold.


As we are still early for the Westlands Corso, the reason of our trip, we want to walk to the town centre, but on our walk we discover that a lot of people are finding places along the water to have a premium spot for watching the boats.  We decide to park the car in a quite spot and go for a short walk instead.

We wouldn't be dedicated geocachers if we wouldn't look for a cache in the area and, as we discover there is one only 500m from where we are we head in that direction. We find:

TB Hotel Datreco


Normally a TB Hotel is a bigger kind of container with enough room for more than one Travel Bug, but this cache is literally a hotel with rooms and beds.  We loved it and gave it a favourite point.

When we return it's still early, and as Patricia didn't feel like finding another cache we settle in the car for a while, have lunch and wait for the parade to start.  It does so at 2 pm and lasts for at least an hour!

And now we're home and I am going to have an early night.  All the travelling on the busy, and often 5 lanes wide, Dutch roads takes a lot of concentration and I have had it for today...

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