Friday, 7 August 2015

Never a dull moment

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I had planned to sleep in and managed quite well.  When I woke up I started answering a few emails, but was interrupted by Leonie on skype.  A pleasant interruption I hasten to say.  Reception wasn't at its best, so we talked without video.  It was nice to catch up again.

Much later, when I finally got out of bed the sun was shining and the weather very inviting to go outside.  So I did and read a book for a while, until it was time for lunch.

After lunch we went to Dieuwer's garage to have the man look at the car again, because the warning light is still coming on and beeping.  No worries, he said, we can keep driving as long as the motor is not playing up or stuttering or something like that.  Well, I had to let him convince me, so I don't have to worry anymore about the responsibility if anything happens.  We just keep an eye on the motor...

Since the garage was in Loenersloot Patricia wanted to drive a bit further to have a looksie.  It's a pity she doesn't like bike riding, because we could have had a ball in this wonderful part of the country: polders, water, great bike paths....  Never mind, I can do this on my own too.

On the way back I suggested we look for a cache that I know is not far from here.  We drive past the lakes and there are cars, and cars, and cars parked all along the water.  It's very busy with people on and in the water.  Numerous sailing boats, but unfortunately no opportunity to take pictures.

The cache is at an old fort and a very interesting one with lots of information about the area.

GeoTour GA14 Bezint eer ge begint!

First we had to find the start of the puzzle.  That was the lock on the door and of course we had to try and open it.

Next we entered a small room where we discovered a large wooden puzzle on the floor. Fortunately for us the last cachers had not done their job and left the container for us to grab easily and sign our names in the logbook.

I wasn't happy with this, because we knew the CO asked to leave the container in the centre of the puzzle and after signing the log put everything back the way it was. So, I start undoing the puzzle, lay out the parts and with Patricia's help (she had the chart) started putting it back again with the container trapped in the centre.

That done we left the room, locked the door and did our rounds around this interesting place.

The lock on the door

Patricia holding the chart

The parts laid out

Putting it together again



The lookout on the top

Some more pictures around the fort

Yep. More stairs to climb :-)

When we're back at home I start updating my blog.  It's a job, but it's nice to be able to look back now and again.  We like making memories.

After dinner, pizza today, I go for another bike ride.  It would be a waste of a lovely evening to stay inside.  This time I ride part of the road to Nigtevecht. Today I rode past two windmills:

Korenmolen de Ruiter

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