Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gouda and Madurodam

Friday, August 7, 2015


Another perfect day.  Today we are heading off to Den Haag, but stop on the way in Gouda (yes, the town of the Gouda cheese), because we want to visit a dollshouse shop.  I know the owners and have visited them back in 2001 with another 'miniature' friend.

I was introduced to woodworking in miniature, visited their brand new shop and received some wonderful little presents amongst which a meerschaum pipe.

Today I hardly recognise the shop, because they have expanded into the next two shops, but I do recognise the owners!  Joop and Krijna haven't changed much and are still the friendly people they were back then.

Patricia can't wait to look around.  She's like a child in a lollie shop! ;-)  I talk with Joop and Krijna and in no time we're sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in front of us.

The story would get too long if I would write down all that happened, but in short we have a splendid time and three hours and two cups of coffee later we leave with bags full of goodies that we desperately needed, and with a big smile of satisfaction on our faces.

A minute part of the shop

Ideas for a new workshop (with permission)
Some of my purchases (mainly tools or parts)

workshop materials, fabric and an 'electric' iron

workshop materials

After we've said our goodbyes Patricia and I go on to our next destination: Madurodam in Den Haag.  We spend a good few hours there as well.  Madurodam exhibits well-know buildings in the Netherlands in small size.  I don't know the scale.  Amazingly Patricia knows many of them, or has even been in them!

De Moriaan - Den Bosch

Patricia in front of the Rijksmusem - Amsterdam

The St Jan's cathedral - Den Bosch

The St Jan's cathedral - Den Bosch

Monument on the Dam - Amsterdam

Futuristic underground bike parking - Rotterdam

Langnek - de Efteling

Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam

The Muiderslot - Muiden

The North Sea storm protection (2 gates)
Today I tired rather quickly.  Probably not unexpected after all the sighteeing we have done.  We went home in time to be there for dinner and after that I veged out!

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