Sunday, 23 August 2015

Party time

Saturday, August 15, 2015

As expected I wouldn't have much time to update the blog, and I still don't have a lot of time.  However, I had a super-duper party for my 65th on Saturday, organised by my lovely niece Heidi.

I had the chance to invite family and friends, which of course I did.  Not everyone could be present, because of prior commitments, and of course because of the holiday period.  Brother Wim and direct family were present, two cousins and a few friends, amongst them a class mate who I hadn't seen since our primary school days and who I had met again on facebook.

In the morning Pim (Heidi's partner) drove me to 's-Hertogenbosch to get 'Chocolade Bollen' and for the evening we'd ordered sate chicken, tapas and 'huzarensalade'.

Let me just show the pictures....

and this left the neighbours guessing :-)

even decorated with '65'!

Coffee and a Bossche Bol
Marion and brother Wim

Cousin Guus and his wife Ina

Marion receives a beautiful picture from Julia
Julia with daddy Tom and mummy Su

Add Margriet and Anneke
Guido enjoying himself

Lekkere hapjes
Wim and Tom

Julia's drawing

Marion and Margriet

Pim and Julia
Dinner: chicken kebabs and sate, tapas and huzaren salade

Add Marlies and cousin Jos

Gerrie and Ina

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