Sunday, 23 August 2015

A few days in Houten

Sunday, August 16, 2015

On Sunday I had a restful morning and left for Houten to visit Wim and Gerrie.  They were going out to another birthday party and the plan was that I would go for a bike ride, but 'the best laid plans for men and mice....'  It wasn't to be, because it was cold and raining most of the time, so I had a quiet afternoon by myself.  By 5 pm I left again to go back to Vleuten, because I was allowed to babysit Guido while mum and dad were going to a small gathering of Pim's family.

Below some pictures showing Guido's healthy appetite:

Monday, August 17, 2015

On Monday the weather hadn't much improved, but Gerrie had promised me a day out in Utrecht, which was great, notwithstanding the rain.

We took the train to Utrecht Central and from there walked to the offices where Wim works and where the council's social security and other departments are housed.

overlooking the big hall

Wim next to the maquette of the building where he works and where this photo was taken

Overview of part of Utrecht with the white building in the centre

A huge parking garage for bikes only, yet to be built
A room for a 'quick and easy' civil marriage ceremony
Overlooking Utrecht's new Central Station
After our walk around the building and a chat with Wim we walk to Utrecht's centre via shopping centre Hoog Catrijne.

There are plenty of shops and I feel the need for some new clothes!  Luckily the sale is on, although not everything I wanted was on sale.

Lunchtime came around soon and we had lunch at the King Arthur.

After lunch we walked past a few more shops.  I love the narrow streets with all the little shops and lovely windows, even in the wet weather...

Soon it was 4 pm and as we had bought tickets for a boat trip we made our way to the jetty and were taken on a 1 hr trip showing the beauty of Utrecht from the canals.


Then we walk back to the railway station for the trip home after a terrific day out. Forgot to say that this was my birthday present from Gerrie.  Love you and thank you dear sister-in-law!

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