Friday, 7 August 2015

On tour again after a quiet day (Rotterdam)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We really did have a quiet day, and we didn't plan that badly either.  During the night we had a thunder storm and in the morning it was pouring down with rain.  A good day to stay inside.

I tried to skype Stephen, or contact him otherwise for his birthday, but to no avail.  All I could do was leave him a message on facebook, but knowing that he doesn't use it any more that wasn't a great help. ;-)

We also tried booking a flight for Patricia, and, not without problems though, we finally managed to get her on a plane on the 14th of August.

I did a few loads of washing.  Bedlinen, towels and clothes were all clean and dry at the end of the day.

As we needed a few groceries, and Patricia was in need of some cash, I got in the car again and we went to Loenen to the supermarket and the bank.  Fortunately it was dry again and not too bad outside at all.

I also took the opportunity to send some email messages and update my blog, and whatever else I could think of doing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


As planned we took off on our trip to Rotterdam.  Not as popular a city as Amsterdam, but certainly worth a visit.  We were going to visit an 'old' friend, Anneke, with whom I have done some workshops in the past for my dollshouse hobby.

We arrived at 10 am, empty handed, because we'd forgotten to bring the bunch of flowers that we had bought the day before.  They were still sitting on the kitchen bench (as I had predicted they would. :-( )

We chatted, Patricia admired all her miniatures, we had a cuppa and then Anneke was kind enough to drop us off near the Markthal in the city centre.

In the Markthal (market hall) building there are specialty shops (delicatessen, cheese, spices, chocolate, etc.), a supermarket, liquor shop and a pharmacy at ground level and below ground level. Around the interior of the hall, from the ground floor up to the roof there are units, maisonettes and penthouses.  People actually live there!  It is a remarkable construction and very innovative.

 the windows inside the hall are those of the units

tulip, hyacinth and other bulbs

roof and glass front

roof again

and again

interior and roof

a chocolate shop with Dutch souvenir chocolates

a Dutch lollie shop

looking through the glass front from the inside

Of course I had a fresh herring and ate it the Dutch way.  Couldn't help myself...

I had to drag myself past the cheese shops...

Stopped at the lollie shop, because I have a son back home who loves the double salted licorice and zoethout...

We tried spices and condiments...

Eventually we stopped at the flower shop to buy a bunch of flowers for Anneke.  Replacement for the bunch we'd left sitting on the kitchen bench... It was a bit awkward to carry around all day long, but they survived quite well.

Next we took pictures of the different architecture outside:

A huge underground bicycle parking area with the Markthal in the background
On our way outside we notice the cube houses, although Anneke had already told us about them and also the fact that there was a kind of display home where you could have a look inside.  Well, we were certainly curious!  Apparently there is a market for everything, because you had to pay to get in and it was called a museum! Well, the houses have been there for 31 years, so yes, it could probably be called a museum... :-)


main bedroom



and one for us miniaturists: 12th scale furniture

various styles: Barcelona, Rietveld, etc.


living room

When we finally had enough we planned to take the metro to the Euromast.  Not as easy as we thought it was, but with a little bit of help from a very kind staff member we obtained a ticket for the metro and found the correct platform.  He even gave me a half price ticket, because I am only a week away from my 65th! ;-)  How kind is that???

I pinched a picture from the internet, because I could not get a decent one on my mobile.

Unfortunately the lift to the second platform was out of order, so we only made it to the first one.  That's the story of my life, because every time I've visited the Eiffel Tower something or other was closed and we haven't been able to go into the Statue of Liberty either, because of refurbishment...

Anyway, we took a lot of pictures and as the weather was very favourable we had a clear view.  Patricia was amazed at how flat the country was!

Then it was time to find the metro station again and next the tram to Anneke's place.  We found both, again with a bit of help. ;-)

A fuzzy train, because of the delay on my camera

Another flight of steps.  By the end of the day we'd stopped counting

the tram

in anticipation of our arrival

By 4 pm we were back at Anneke's place where we again were welcomed with a cuppa.  When we had a bit of a rest we started with the workshop that Anneke had prepared for us: an old-fashioned gardening basket:

Anneke in front of the big one and with the miniature in her hand.
The basket contains a plant, but originally they were meant to hold gardening tools

Ignore the money lying around - concentrate on the beautiful wicker work... ;-)
Anneke and ...

... Patricia and Marion working hard

Patricia and I both love wicker work, and we would have loved to make all the samples, but... we had to concentrate so hard on the job in hand, it would take days, if not weeks, to create all those wonderful baskets.

Next we had a break and went outside for dinner.  The warm summer evenings are very inviting to eat outside.  Modest Anneke is a great cook and also the dessert was delicious.

Eventually we stayed till 11 pm!  Coffee, chats, work, we couldn't get enough. ;-)  I again had a look at her marvellous woodworking machines and learned a few more tricks. (I own a few of such machines myself!)  She showed us some more of the work she has done, and actually still does.  A very talented lady!

Patricia and I agreed, we'd had a wonderful day again.  We rolled into bed at 12 am, tired but very, very satisfied.

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