Sunday, 13 October 2013

Geocaching on my own...

Friday, October 11, 2013

This time last year Frank and I were on our way back to Hamburg, NY from our trip to New York city.  Best to try and remember only the good times we had...

Today I am visiting a close friend and her husband in Redland Bay, and while she is seeing a specialist I have some time on my hands and decide to do some geocaching on my own.  A new experience, but if I want to keep doing this activity I'd better get used to it.

For the first cache I take the car as I don't have walking shoes with me.  Next time I'll make sure I have some old shoes in the boot and probably my geocaching tools.

aaaargh! ye' twin beaut'ies

It's not far and GZ is easily found.  These two trees I must have passed hundreds of times, but never realised how beautiful they are, and how old!  The roots have grown in between and over vulcanic rock.  A closer picture wasn't possible, because they are on the corner of a very busy road.

aaaargh! ye' twin beaut'ies (at the corner on the left)

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

First of all, RBBW stands for Redland Bay Bike Way.  If in the future this bike track is going to be extended it will make for a very pleasant bike ride along the fore shore in the Redlands.  The cache is in a fantastic spot.  Easily found and after you've found it you just want to stay and enjoy the peace and quiet. The bike path leads to, and around a beautiful lagoon.  GZ is right at the end where the waves are lapping at your feet...

I had made a short video of the site, but didn't seem to be able to transfer it from my tablet to the laptop. Photo's will have to suffice, but will still give a good idea of the beautiful surrounds.  The only difference is that you don't hear the relaxing sound of the little waves and the birdsong in the background.

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End
RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End

RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End - GZ
RBBW - Hanging Out At Paths End - the actual (small) 
Only two this time, but who knows, I may try and do this more often if I have a bit of time on my hands...

See you next time.


  1. Ja, Margriet, en moet je je voorstellen dat mijn vriendin daar woont aan het water en elke dag van dat mooie uitzicht kan genieten...


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