Monday, 30 December 2013

Sandy Bridges revisited

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On my way to Albany Creek for the Christmas celebrations I had a few hours spare, so was going to try and find a few caches on my own.  However, my GPS was not working properly, so I had 4 dnf's out of 4! Guessing doesn't always work...

As we had a few hours spare after lunch as well Kevin and I took off to try and figure out where the Sandy Bridge - Finale could be located.  To do that, we had to revisit all five bridges, because somehow we had made a mistake with the colour clues and could not get our GZ coordinates approved.

So, we did the walk again.

Sandy Bridge #5
We could not find #3 this time (here one day, gone the next!), but it didn't interfere too much with our clues. The fact that I wrote a number down in the wrong place did however!  Eventually we had a fair idea where the final cache should be, so we drove to the cemetery and started looking for a brush-turkey mound.  These are huge, so cannot easily be overlooked:

This is not the mound that we were looking for,
but a picture of one to give you the general idea.

We did find it and with the hint we again had a fair idea of where GZ should be, but we still couldn't find the cache.  It didn't help that it was getting quite dark and I was being eaten alive by the mozzies, so we gave up for the day.  On the way back I received confirmation of the coordinates (after I had tried again with the new number in the correct place), so next time we're in the area we may have another look.  Unfortunately another DNF.  Not a very fruitful day. :-)

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