Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Around Albany Creek

Sunday, November 17, 2013

As I happened to be in Albany Creek on Sunday and Monday I had the opportunity to search for a few caches again in the area.  On Sunday the whole family (and I) went for a short bike ride in the park.  More for exercise then anything else, because the weather wasn't very inviting, with threatening (and happening!) thunderstorms all week long.

Kevin and family had already started on this series of six Sandy Bridge caches, but I can always catch up! You need to grab clues at every cache to find the final one.

Sandy Bridge #3

Again no picture as I forgot my camera and don't have my GPS/camera any longer.  This bridge was a short ride from home and the find was an easy one (for me!) as Kevin and cohorts had been unsuccessful the first time around.  The hide was a bit tricky though.  We dutifully noted the clue and were on our way home, because it was starting to look very dark indeed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sandy Bridge #4

In the morning I had some spare time and decided to try and catch up on the Sandy Bridge caches.  I didn't go on the bike, as I was not prepared to go caching and didn't bring my backpack, necessary to put my tablet in, which I am using until I have a decent GPS again.

Unfortunately the compass was all over the place and would never show me to be closer than 49m, whichever way I went.  So this was a DNF for me and I'll need to catch up some other time.

Marchant to Glory in Old Kedron

On Monday afternoon, while I was driving Kevin after a small procedure on his eye, we used the bit of spare time we had to look for more caches.  One of them was hidden in Marchant Park in Chermside (The Marchants being a well known family in the area in the early 1900s.)  The Warehouse Cricket Assoc. is now housed in the park, hence this picture.  It was taken close to the cache's hiding place.  An easy find, by the way, because it was highly visible for those who were looking for a cache!

Marchant to Glory in Old Kedron

Marchant Guides

Some 600m from the former cache there should have been another one hidden 'under a log'.  Well, it suffices to say that with a GPS low on batteries and a threatening thunderstorm (yet again) we didn't hang around too long.  A DNF for this one.  We tried to get home before the storm, but got caught and had lots of water over the road during the downpour.  Luckily we were our of the range of the hail storm.  Enough broken windscreens around and north of Brisbane, so happy not to be another one of the casualties.

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