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Sneaking in a few

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Eclipsed - Raptor Forks

On Sunday Kevin and I went to our monthly meeting of the Dollshouse and Miniatures Club in Brisbane.  It was our special Christmas do (bring a plate, etc.) and the club organised for ham and roast chicken.  We had a lovely lunch and the sweets in particular were to die for....  We were supposed to go home straight afterwards, but we left a bit early to 'walk off' the lunch while searching for a few geocaches... ;-)

We decided on a few around the Clayfield area and happened again on a few series.  This was the 'eclipsed' series which got its name because of the 'Eclipse' containers that were used for the caches.  They are metal and generally a magnetic cache.

The Raptor Forks was an easy find near (train station) Eagle Junction.  Think about it and you get the reason for the name of the cache...  It contained a question, which, after a little bit of research, is easy to answer.

Eclipsed - Raptor Forks
Another Google Earth picture

Melrose Meanderings 1 - The Culvert

As we didn't have a lot of time and had decided on a few caches near the club's HQ, we weren't going to follow the earlier series.  The series Melrose Meanderings also started close by and followed a tiny stream in the area which is often gazetted as Melrose Creek, but is more like a drain which empties in Kedron Brook.

The Culvert was at a bridge across the old culvert at Melrose Park.  The hint mentioned something like that it had nothing to do with a troll, so I knew where not to look... :-)  When I walked to the place where I thought the cache would be Kevin spotted it because he was directly in the line of view.  Great. Easy find.

*** I can't show the picture yet, because Kevin still is to send a few to me that we took that day.

Melrose Meanderings 2 - Dawsons's Creek?

The second one in this series.  Kevin discovered this one.  We were looking on the ground between two similar skinny trees in the hope that the scrub turkeys hadn't covered the cache.  We were lucky.  They hadn't been too busy.  

*** Waiting for this picture as well.

Melrose Meanderings 3 - Mmm Fishy...

Not too hard this one either.  It was close to an aquarium shop (!) and in a spot that we had come across the day before.  Kevin and I both had the right idea, but I let him get the cache in order to distract a muggle who walked past...

Melrose Meanderings 3 - Mmm Fishy...

One day, I promise, I will use my camera when I take it!!!  Lucky for me that Google Earth is very obliging most of the time. ;-)

Sandy Bridge #2

After the last of the Melrose caches we sent a text to Stephen to let him know we were on our way home. Stephen was to drop off Mady, who would, together with Mikayla, come with me to stay for a week during the school holidays.  As it was, we couldn't help ourselves and quickly made a little detour to Sandy Bridge #2, because we wanted to finish the series.

As it was, I discovered the cache even before we had established GZ and with all 5 clues now in our hands we thought we could do the Finale as well, but...  we seemed to have gone wrong somewhere, because none of the coordinates were accepted.  We will have to go back to check all 5 caches for their clues again. Bu....! Ah well, next time.  We'd better hurry now...

Sandy Bridge #2
Kevin signing the log

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