Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A special day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This day was special, not quite because it was Kevin's birthday (LOL), but a TB (Travel Bug) was going to travel to the International Space Station.  Events were being held all over the world to celebrate this fact and we were able to receive another virtual souvenir:

Geocaching in Space

Geocaching in Space
Geocaching in Space souvenir

One particular event wasn't too far out of the way, so I arranged with Kevin that we would meet at Everton Park on his way from work.  We met lots of people (the event was attended by 43+) and learned the names behind faces, because after a while you start remembering names from logs, in particular the FTFs, which are very popular among a small group that may be able to chase the new caches when they are published.

They had a rocket, to keep decorations in style, and also a cake, beautifully decorated with the picture of the souvenir!  Unfortunately no pictures of the event, as of course I hadn't remembered to bring my camera....

Since C.Ponies and a few others had brought a number of TBs we got to log 12 as having been discovered. Kevin and I each took one TB to take on our travels again.  It is getting a bit difficult though, because nano caches seem to become more popular, but there's no room for TBs or TCs...

People we met and who I remember are: IolantheK, barbbowman, teamnanabombana, Team Benders, Crookedpete, BillnCindy, membsec, Angela & Dave, and of course the organiser C.Ponies. Many other names we knew, but didn't get a chance to talk to.  I guess we'll just have to attend another event in the future.  Worth while the effort.

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