Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Geocaching with James

Saturday, November 2, 2013

As it so happened, I was going to look after James and Madeleine as well after I'd finished my stint with Mikayla.  We had a few hours to spare on Saturday and, although it was quite hot, we managed to go for a short walk not far from 'home'. i.e. Thorneside.  Too far, however, to walk all the way up to the closest caches, we took the car and arrived at the first one, which is on the roadside.

Redlands # 3

James had already found this one with his mum, so all I needed to do is find it and sign the log.  Not too hard and with some help offered from James it was even easier!  He knew I always carry a garden glove in my geocaching backpack, so he pointed out that I might want to use it...  Good thinking, James!   No need to break my nails! ;-)

Redlands # 3
It's a shame though, that vandals can't seem to keep
their hands off public property!

Tingalpa's Treasure

We cross the border here into the Brisbane area, and the new park, Bayside Parklands, is indeed a treasure with its bike and walking tracks near Tingalpa Creek and the bushland with its native animals.

We parked the car near the entrance on the roadside and walked to the first cache.  As the coordinates were spot-on and I was tall enough (!) to be able to see into the hiding place, the cache was soon in hand and the log signed by both of us.

Tingalpa's Treasure

Fork in the Road

As we didn't enter the park from Chelsea Road and not all the tracks are mapped out, we happened to take the long way in search for the cache.  "As the crow flies" the distance is approx. 500m. We walked twice as much!  However, even though the day was really heating up, it was a pleasant walk and we (or should I say "I") needed the exercise!  After finding our way off the track through the bush, and numerous spider webs, we landed at GZ and James spotted the, otherwise well-camouflaged, cache in an instant.  Finding our way back, after logging our find, was a breeze, as we discovered a shorter track to the entrance and the parking lot.

James already knows...

Close to GZ

And of course, this is what it is all about ;-)

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