Monday, 30 December 2013

A few caches close to home again

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kevin rang and was coming for a visit.  He looked for a few caches on his way, because he is working very hard to reach his milestone of 100 caches.  Since I tried to find a few in the area by myself a few weeks ago, and had not been successful, we used the remaining daylight to try a few close to home.

Muddy Tides

was one of the caches that we had been looking for with the BUGs and could not find.  I thought we had been looking at the wrong tree, and that was correct, but... the one that I had in mind wasn't correct either. So, Kevin was the one who had more luck and produced the cache.

Muddy Tides
The cache was in a built up area, but close to the water and we saw lots of kangaroos:

Abbey Museum

This cache I had been looking for on my own a while ago when the accuracy of my GPS was 1.83 km!  I didn't have coverage either to look up any information, so I had to let it go.  This time, with Kevin present, we had more luck.  I should however have taken my Christmas present, an extendable mirror with a LED light, but had left it very enthusiastically at home!  Kevin found the cache without too many problems, though, so we signed the log and had a look around the museum church with its beautiful lead lights from all over Europe.  We had a brief chat with the minister before he started the church service.  I think he was happy enough to be outside in the breeze which had come up because of the thunderstorm, because, although it was getting late in the afternoon, the air was stifling.

The hint: duck for cover...  Easy! :-)

Runway Three-Zero Caboolture

From the Abbey Museum to Caboolture airport was only a short drive, but it was getting dark quickly.  Kevin had been in the afternoon and also had a torch, so with a bit of guidance and extra light I had no difficulty finding this cache.  Unfortunately I discovered that another cacher had taken a TB without taking a diary that belonged to it as well.  I've taken the diary home and contacted both the cacher and the owner of the TB and will try if I can reunite both for further travels.

Caboolture airport and the runway in the dark

A little bit of light from the car's headlights went a long way...

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