Friday, 6 October 2017

Sweden - Saturday and Sunday (Malmö & Geocaching)

Saturday September 23, 2017

I am now so far behind, due to the fact that I have had limited access to internet, that I will try and keep to the most relevant parts of the days.

On Saturday Patricia and I visited Malmö on our own after Dianne had dropped us of near the castle: Malmöhus Slott.  From there we walked to what is called Gamla Staden (the old town).  We walked through Kungsparken and arrived at Lilla Torg (the little square) where we had coffee.

Malmöhus Slott


Lilla Torg

From there we walked via Stortorget (the big square) to the church Sankt Petri Kyrka.  On the way we visited Patricia's favourite craft shop, Panduro, but we weren't impressed with the wares.  Even Patricia said she wouldn't go back in a hurry.  


Sankt Petri Kyrka

Then we walked past the moat around the old town and back via Hedmanska Gården to Malmöhus Slott, where we looked around for a bit, and found a cache, before Dianne picked us up again. 

Sign in a window, to the effect of that one can buy or swap stuff

The moat around the old town

The people you meet on the way...

A little garden on the water

Lilla Torg again

And a few pictures around the castle:

A Swedish windmill

One of the gun towers

1714 - Malmö museums & The castle (cache)

Later Dianne's boys visited again.  We picked up pizza for dinner and afterwards we played again a few games of Sequence.

Sunday September 24, 2017

On Sunday we spent the whole day geocaching with Dianne's friend Emma, who loves it too and came along for the day.  Part of the finds were on a power trail, so not interesting enough to show pictures of them all.  All in all we found 26 caches, too many to show every single picture. ;-)  We had a splendid day though and Emma is also a pleasant person to be around.

1715 - Fotbollsträning

1716 - Underbridge 108-Önnerup

1717 - Anna, Bella and Clara


1718 - A quick one

1719 - Another quick one

1720 - Lunds Stadsgräns

1723 - The Ghost place (reborn)

This cache had a lot of favourite points, but didn't get one from me.  It was clearly not my favourite, since it was a derelict house which was obviously used by certain people...

1725 - TB Hotel Flädie

1729 - Vid stora vägen Malmö – Göteborg

1735 - Borgeby Kyrka

1736 - Stävie kyrka

A funny sign on the curch's noticeboard about finding pokemons

1737 - Thanks for the stars!

1738 - Kungsgatan ”Start”

1739 - Pulled Pork

A special cache, because this was Dianne's 2000th find!

1740 - Slingan

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