Monday, 9 October 2017

Scotland - Wednesday and Thursday (Home & Edinburgh Castle)

Wednesday October 4, 2017

As I have hardly had access to internet in Sweden I am planning on working hard to update my blog.  Quite a number of days to go.....

Today we're not off to a good start.  I sense that Patricia is not very happy, but I cannot find out the reason.  It shouldn't be because I am working in the kitchen on my laptop, as we normally do our own thing.  I must assume that it is because she can't get the TV to work.  I can't help her, because I hardly ever watch TV at home and can only find the few channels that I watch if I do.  TVs, DVD recorders and such gadgets I am not familiar with.  Earlier in Canada Dianne had to work it out for herself too, as I had no idea.  I know how to figure out washing machines and dryers when I am on an exchange and all the other stuff.  That will do me fine... ;-)

Anyway, I am getting my bookkeeping done and can now look at our budget for the coming weeks. Next is sorting pictures and updating my blog, besides writing lots of emails, because in that department there is also a lot of catching up to do.

After lunch we go in search of the shops as we need groceries.  We find a large store: ADSA and stock up on the necesseties.  We can not buy the lot for a week, as we don't have a car and I don't want to walk 10 minutes with heavy shopping bags.  The shops are not very close!

As we have some time on our hands after the shopping we want to explore the neighbourhood a bit.  We walk in the direction of town, but not too far, as it is late in the afternoon and it sure looks like it is going to rain.

On our walk we find a cache:

1752 - Last Train To Nowhere!

Of course we take some pictures on our walk as well.  I have titled them "Around Appin Street", the place where we are staying.  If I remember I will take a few pictures of the block of flats later as well.

The window of a florist

Upon our return it's dinner time and I cook pasta.  An easy meal on our first day.  After dinner I catch up on a few other things and chat with Renata, my Polish guest from a while back, and she invites us to stay with her in Krakow when we go to Poland next.  Something else to look forward to!

After a few more email messages it's time for bed: 10:15pm.

Thursday October 5, 2017

Time flies.  Already our second day in Edinburgh. We decide that Edinburgh Castle is on top of our list of places to visit, so we catch the bus to the city.  We stop off near the Royal Mile, one of the older streets in the old part of town, which also leads to the Castle.

Patricia suggests a cup of coffee at Starbucks first, so we do that and find a seat near the window, looking down upon the Royal Mile.

Then we walk to the castle and spend the whole rest of the day there.  The Castle is just mindboggling.  It's old, it's built on a huge rock in the middle of town, it's big, it's..... a big surprise to both of us!

Edinburgh Castle

Prison section for prisoners of war

At around lunch time we happen to walk past a restaurant which offers lunch and afternoon tea.  We like what we see, so it's a shared afternoon tea for us.

When later we decide that we have seen everything there was to see, including the views from all sites, we walk to the bus stop and take a ride back home.  Another early night for us.


  1. Mooi kasteel. Hebben wij ook een keer van genoten.

  2. Prachtig he? Jammer dat we van de bus afhankelijk zijn, want ik had heel wat meer bezoekjes af willen leggen in de omgeving. Maar ach, een mens kan niet alles hebben. :-)


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