Monday, 9 October 2017

Goodbye Sweden - Hello Scotland

Monday October 2, 2017

Monday was another day at home to get the washing done, sorting the many photographs and logging Sunday's caches.  Patricia and Dianne went to the shops in the meantime, but as shopping is not my hobby I declined the invitation to join them.  After dinner I packed my suitcase and backpack for the trip to Scotland.

Tuesday October 3, 2017

First of all I had to wish Mikayla a happy birthday (via facebook) as Australia was already 8 hours ahead of us. ;-)

We were up at 6am, because we had to leave at 7am.  Dianne was going to drop us off on the way to work.

It was definitely goodbye Sweden; another holiday filled with lots of memories.

Patricia and I spent a few hours at McDonald's again and then caught the train to Copenhagen airport.  There too we had to wait a couple of hours, but by then it was time for lunch, so the wait didn't take too long.

Next was our flight to Edinburgh.  A smaller plane than we are used to at the long international flights, but not unpleasant or uncomfortable.  It did feel strange though, that it was only a  short flight of a few hours.

I did have some British pounds from my last trip, but Patricia felt happier with a bit more cash in hand, so we went to the nearest ATM.  Neither her nor my cards were accepted, but luckily I had a European card as well, which was accepted.

And now we were on our own!  We needed to find the bus to our accommodation for the next few weeks!  Luckily Julie, Katherine's friend, messaged me that the number 35 bus did no longer exist and we had to look for Skyline 300. After asking here and there we obtained our tickets from the ticket office (because you need to have the exact amount on the bus) and found the bus stop and a bus waiting to take us to Moat Drive.  When we arrived Julie was waiting and took us to the flat, got us settled and left.

On the doubledecker bus

Selfie ;-)

As we were just a bit tired of the long day we found food in the fridge that would tie us over to the next day and had an early night.

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