Monday, 22 June 2015

Day four at the Mega in Stanthorpe

Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015

Of course there had to be a special treat for the children and this was a Easter Egg Hunt of course.  As none of us were accompanied by children we found something else to do.  Guess what that was! ;-)

Of course we went caching.  We also had a challenge to finish: 8 in 1, which meant that in order to claim a find on one of the caches we had to find eight different types in one day.  We did and it was a busy day! Luckily we had prepared ourselves and started on the wherigo the day before, so we only had to go back to the final one to actually sign the log. In actual fact, we did nine different ones. If there would have been a webcam we could have had ten, but we were happy enough with this result.

Ours caches were:
1 a Mega
2 a flash mob
3 a mystery cache
4 a traditional
5 a multi
6 an earth cache
7 a CITO
8 a wherigo
9 a letterbox hybrid



Stanthorpe Rocks  

(earth cache)

Lock up your Letters

(letterbox hybrid)

Ballandean surprise

Very Close

Survey Mark

Same station, different tracks

Where am I

Rickety bridge

Who parked my plane here

Carnarvon bridge

Stan's apple 30 eight in one challenge

(mystery cache)


And another successful day finished. Children (and adults too) were treated with a movie at the end of the day.

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