Monday, 22 June 2015

Day two at the Mega in Stanthorpe

Friday, April 3, 2015

On Friday we spent some time deciding what we wanted to do, but then Dianne and Wanda asked us if we wanted to join them.  They were planning on doing a power trail.  A power trail, for those who don't know anything about geocaching, is a series of caches hidden along a stretch of road(s) approx. 200m apart.  We did the A.S. trail and managed to find 100 caches of the 175.  In between we found another five, not part of the trail. So, all in all not a bad result for one day!  As the power trail was nothing exiting to take pictures of, nor did we have the time to do so, I can only show a picture of the first one and the few in between.

A.S. 1

Paying it Back #1


Palgrove maintained by Team Robins

Twisted Matter No. 1

The day ended with some pleasant entertainment in the hall of the showgrounds.


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