Saturday, 27 June 2015

Caloundra, back for more.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Play day with Heather! :-)

Picking up a cappuccino at the new drive through Coffee Bus on the way to Caboolture and I am set for a day of caching again.

The Final Rest Stop

Little Mountain Wall

South Side Walk No 1

South Side Walk No 2

Where is Peter

Crummunda Park

Currimundi Lake

Road to nowhere

 This cache needs a story.  The tree was originally standing and the bison tube was attached to a fishing line.  One would pull the fishing line (like washing lines in some countries) to draw in the tube.  However, the tree had fallen, but the tube still could be obtained by pulling the line.  Finding the whole darn setup now was the hardest part!

Kawana Forest Trail -#1 -Where's Freddy


The forest trail was not quite a pleasant walk.  We were beleaguered by mozzies.  There was just no getting away from them and made searching a lot harder than it should have been.

Kawana Forest Trail -#2 - Lets go fishing

Kawana Forest Trail -#4 - Viney 12 Tree

Kurrajong Park

Woodlands Fun Park

A long walk back for Heather who, at reaching the car park, discovered that she'd left her car keys on the platform. We were 'only' 700 m from the cache!

Rose View

 Not a rose in sight, but a beautiful view it was. ;-)

Kings Kanyon

 Heather went in search for this cache as there was too much awkward climbing to do for me and my sore shoulder... I perused the time to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. Heather took the necessary pictures of the cache and sent them to me later.

Valley Billabong

 This definitely had to be our last cache.  Looking at the pictures you'll sure know why...

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