Saturday, 27 June 2015

CITO at Albany Creek

Sunday April 26, 2015

CITO 2015

We geocachers do a lot to obtain souvenirs.  Well, some of us do and I am one of them, but not necessarily going to great lengths all the time.  Today we could earn a CITO souvenir, which means going geocaching and doing some cleaning up on the go.  Or, sometimes, like today, an even is organised.  This one was a last minute one and not a lot of effort had gone into it to make it interesting, so we worked a few hours with bags in hand, delivered them at the collection point and went in search for caches in the area that were still outstanding.  'We' in this case meant Kevin and I.

A Sandy Bridge - the Finale

This cache was still outstanding from the multi.  We had solved the puzzle and had the correct coordinates, but we had not been able to find it on to earlier occasions.  Today was the day!

Murphy's Law

 Oh, this was a tricky one!  At first we were looking in the wrong spot and when we realised it we widened our search.  And then I spotted something and pointed it out to Kevin.  "What's that? Have a closer look!"  And bingo!

Books, Books, Books

 This is another one that had to be done.  The solution had been sitting in my 'solved' folder for far too long. 

Strong Arm's Downfal

I left this one to Kevin as we had to jump across a swollen creek twice and his legs are a lot longer (and younger!) than mine.

The last one of the day again.  The rubbish collecting in the morning was heavy work and we decided that enough was enough...

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